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david platt must die

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letsaveabrew Fri 31-Jul-09 14:46:47

sorry no caps, ds asleep on me ....again!
I wish the actor no harm but if Gail doesn't sort him out I might have to go round there myself.
And more graham he's great

KingRolo Fri 31-Jul-09 14:49:01

I adore Graham. He's the new Blanche.

littlepollyflinders Sat 01-Aug-09 14:41:34

I'll second that! About Graham, I mean. He's GENIUS grin

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Mon 03-Aug-09 23:18:37

I have only just seen this post. I so agree

kiwibella Mon 03-Aug-09 23:34:32

why, why, why, why, why do Corrie keep running these stupid obsessive David story lines. It really makes me want to turn off. And Joe - no one feels sorry for me quite like I do. Ugh.

coolma Tue 04-Aug-09 12:06:31

Bloody ridiculous how Joe has gone from having a bad back to a full on painkiller addiction though. Tut.

littlepollyflinders Tue 11-Aug-09 18:40:02

I've been waiting for the Graham/Blanche Camp Off and they had it last night.
Didn't disappoint.

LadyOfWaffle Tue 11-Aug-09 18:43:10

No idea who Graham is... but sick of David Platt storylines. Would have been nice if he HAD turned his life around and turned out to be a nice fella, but they have to have misery misery misery.

KingRolo Thu 13-Aug-09 13:28:59

David Platt makes me feel physically sick.

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