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On Thin Ice

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pattymc Sun 26-Jul-09 21:06:56

anyone else watching this? I love it and it has changed my opinion of ben fogle. Does anyone know how they do in the end.

Yurtgirl Mon 27-Jul-09 21:26:48

Hello pattymc - I was just about to start a thread about this, but then noticed your lonesome post!

I have avidly watched 5 programmes about this
- great tv imho - I am watching episode 5 atm

Yes I know who won? Do you really want me to let on.............. there are 10 mins left of this final programme so I am just about to see the end now

Yurtgirl Mon 27-Jul-09 21:27:54

I have to say that atm I have more respect for Ben Fogle than I did

James Cracknell however has come across as a selfish foolish man

PortAndLemon Mon 27-Jul-09 21:37:37

Have you seen main thread here?

(There were also other threads, but they were mostly leching over expressing aesthetic appreciation for bottoms)

Yurtgirl Mon 27-Jul-09 22:07:54

Oooh no I didnt see that, thanks Portandlemon

CDMforever Mon 27-Jul-09 22:34:15

I agree about Ben Fogle - previously thought he was a bit of a posh nob and not much else, but now think he's kinda wonderful. Also think James Cracknell came across very poorly - what a selfish git! Not only to his teammates but also to his family back home.
The moment when Ben was asked "What's the next big adventure for you?" (or something like that) and he answers, "family" was very touching. Will really miss it on Sunday nites.

wintera Mon 27-Jul-09 22:49:38

I don't think James Cracknell is that bad. He's just a determined stubborn bastard that's all. It probably comes from being an athlete and training so hard all the time. I thought the bit where he accidentally drank his own piss was hilarious! grin

I actually welled up when James was doubled over and crying. He just seemed so shattered by the whole thing.

Heathcliffscathy Mon 27-Jul-09 22:50:23

james cracknell is total and utter wanker.

wintera Mon 27-Jul-09 23:15:52

I must say I thought Ed was absolutely lovely. Bet he is a great doctor!

tillytips Thu 30-Jul-09 15:28:21

It was a fab series, i really enjoyed it. Have always liked Ben Fogle, but he is so emotional he had me bleddy crying every week!!

I think James is a control Freak, but i have a lot of respect for him, i think he just doesn't see stuff the way we all do. It's his way or no way. It doesn't occur to him that normal non athletes may struggle with the training etc.
Fab programme though, i could watch it all again.
Ed came across as a very caring guy as well.

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