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Blimey, Morton Harket from AHa has aged well.

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VulpusinaWilfsuit Fri 24-Jul-09 23:29:41

Or Gorton Market as DH prefers to call him. He must be gay. MH, I mean. Not DH.

Shit song though - on J Ross now.

GypsyMoth Fri 24-Jul-09 23:33:29

feel 15 again.......he looks good,just said same to partner. Pal looks old though.......

puffylovett Fri 24-Jul-09 23:33:30

You beat me to it...

I think he's quite fit actually

song takes me back a few years !

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Jul-09 23:34:59

I went to see them at Bristol Hippodrome, I so loved him!

He isn't gay:

shonaspurtle Fri 24-Jul-09 23:35:01

I always had a thing for Mags and he looks exactly the same shock <fans self>

Voice a wee bit iffy though.

muggglewump Fri 24-Jul-09 23:35:50

Oh yes, he really has.
He was on Loose Women a bit back though and came across as a right knobber.

nigglewiggle Fri 24-Jul-09 23:38:22

"right knobber" a period reference too! grin

hocuspontas Fri 24-Jul-09 23:39:05

Used to love him but he was an utter twat on Celebrity Mr and Mrs the other day.

Rindercella Fri 24-Jul-09 23:39:24

He is looking good. But I heard him on R2 the other day & also thought he sounded a bit twat like.

hmc Fri 24-Jul-09 23:46:50

50 years old!!!!! - incredibly fit for his age - who cares if he's a twat

VulpusinaWilfsuit Fri 24-Jul-09 23:48:07

50? Fuck. I so would. He's even in my general age range.

TeamEdward Sat 25-Jul-09 00:00:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

llareggub Sat 25-Jul-09 00:02:32

Thank you shonaspurtle. I've been trying to remember Mags's name all night!

Smash Hits always used to call MH Morten Horton Harket.

Hair definitely dyed I think.

PrincessLayer Sat 25-Jul-09 02:01:49

I always had a "thing" for Mags.

Would it be too annoying if I said that my DH has more than a passing resemblance?

MadEyeballsMoody Sat 25-Jul-09 07:25:09

I don't give a damn what he is like either, 'cos looking like that he could do whatever he wanted with me blush <<swoon>>

MadEyeballsMoody Sat 25-Jul-09 07:26:16

Yes it would PL. Shuddup

MadEyeballsMoody Sat 25-Jul-09 07:30:34

Bugger me, how many children has he got? shock

Pruneurs Sat 25-Jul-09 08:19:00

Sigh, he is loverly, isn't he? <swoon>
I had such a crush on MH when I was about 12/13. I even bought 'Hunting High and Low' the other day on iTunes blush
He is, absolutely, a twat, though.
And a bit of a hooer.

bamboobutton Sat 25-Jul-09 08:40:24

why is he a twat? what's he done?

i haven't seen any of these interviews or tv shows with him on.

TeamEdward Sat 25-Jul-09 09:28:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scotia Sat 25-Jul-09 09:37:23

I used to think he was the bee's knees, but now I'd rather have Mags grin

AllieBongo Sat 25-Jul-09 09:43:11

I thought he looked fit. Saw them at Top of the Pops when they tried a come back a few years ago, he was lush then, I was the only person who knew who they were. I barged right to the front. Have heard he can be an arrogant twunt

Spidermama Sat 25-Jul-09 09:46:19

PMSL @ the kid he's holding in that link with a mullet.

AllieBongo Sat 25-Jul-09 09:49:30

cracking suit also...

yappybluedog Sat 25-Jul-09 09:52:14

I loved Mags as a teenager, he hasn't changed a bit

Pal always looked old

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