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The Death of Respect

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MollieO Thu 23-Jul-09 23:40:58

On now on BBC2. Anyone watching?

MollieO Thu 23-Jul-09 23:50:22

Just me then.

Am shocked that 7m adults are enumerate and 5m illiterate.

MollieO Thu 23-Jul-09 23:55:11

A thread all to myself smile.

hmc Fri 24-Jul-09 00:02:19

MollieO - I am sky plussing it (downstairs) with the intention of watching it tomorrow. Worth a viewing is it?

MollieO Fri 24-Jul-09 00:04:24

I like John Ware and think his programmes are pretty inciteful. Is a depressing commentary on today's society. I don't have sky plus.

hmc Fri 24-Jul-09 00:08:08

Living in a bit of an ivory tower bubble of privilege - I think it doesn't hurt me to remind myself of what life can be like. I'll watch it tomorrow then

monkeyfeathers Fri 24-Jul-09 13:07:04

Ugh. I just watched this and found myself somewhat angry by the end. The first bits weren't too bad, but the stuff at the end really depresses me (and not because of the 'dreadful' state of British families, which was clearly the desired effect).

I can't help but worry about the problems of blaming those people who escape abusive/dysfunctional relationships for breaking up their families and 'breaking society'. Obviously everything was so much better when women (predominantly) just quietly put up with all manner of crap and 'got on with things'.

sfxmum Fri 24-Jul-09 13:14:14

I watched it last night I think it is the second in the series also found it on iplayer
I would like to see the whole thing but so far I felt the range of guests was not wide enough
lots of church people put me off but they made some good points

I think it misses the point saying that it is about marriage I think it is more about personal responsibility and a sense of duty
of caring for someone other than oneself

these days you don't really have to have children if you don't have to but once they are here they should be the main priority
to cherish and nurture
far too much falls on the mother and I suppose so far in the mainstream, marriage is a way of trying to ensure the father is involved
of course it does not really work like that

monkeyfeathers Fri 24-Jul-09 14:27:08

The last part of the programme was most definitely (and repetitively) about marriage. And incredibly simplistically so.

I think the programme could (and would) have made the point of the need to be less individualistic and to attend to responsibilities as much as rights much more effectively if it hadn't gotten quite so moralistic in places (usually while claiming it wasn't moralising).

Also, I didn't necessarily think it was asking the right questions. For example, in the bit about problematic teenage drinking in Hampshire there was almost no discussion of (or with) the parents who let their kids spend their nights hanging around outside the shops drinking 24 cans of lager. Also I don't think he was strong enough in condemning the (oft repeated) argument that these kids drink, intimidate people and cause trouble because 'there's nothing to do around here' (and it certainly isn't lack of money that's stopping them either, since they can afford to buy a lot of alcohol).

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