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Property Snakes and Ladders 21/7

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LIZS Wed 22-Jul-09 15:41:06

Did anyone see the end segment - fell asleep at alst ad break . Did the Bristol couple make anything - sell/rent ? Seemed most unreasonable for Faversham couple be so smug and to possibly make so much after they had faffed around so much.

Thandeka Wed 22-Jul-09 15:56:02

think they rented otherwise was a 35k loss- but was good as their mortage was £600 a month but rental income was £1400 a month so they could try and make money.

GrendelsMum Sun 02-Aug-09 16:27:58

No, they didn't succeed in either selling or renting the house out in the end. Basically they just had a money pit and it serves them right, the evil fireplace destroying gits. The house also looked awful at the end, and I think that the programme makers recognised that and actually tried to show as little of the house as possible. They were trying to sell / rent a grade II listed house with no original features visible, and it was obviously very unappealing.

I know what you mean about the Faversham couple, but they genuinely did a good job at the end - I actually coulnd't believe it, they were real idiots at the beginning but the house really looked stunning.

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