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Balamory moving...

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hunkermunker Fri 20-May-05 14:28:34 Essex. New show to be called Billericay.

Can anyone suggest plots?

Aero Fri 20-May-05 14:29:13

pmsl hm

tarantula Fri 20-May-05 14:29:58

Miss Hooley will need some new shoes then....

Aero Fri 20-May-05 14:31:05

Maybe the odd change of clothing.......

cadbury Fri 20-May-05 14:32:46


hunkermunker Fri 20-May-05 15:06:49

I can't believe you lot - automatically assuming this is a joke! It's true, true, I tell you!

KBear Fri 20-May-05 15:25:55

Taking the mickey in Billericay
Wouldn't you like to know

tarantula Fri 20-May-05 15:51:27

Archie will need to change his kilt tartan something tastefuly in cream and black would be nice

tarantula Fri 20-May-05 15:52:03

sorry camel,red, cream and black

Louise1980 Fri 20-May-05 16:06:32

Hunkermunker is this not a joke?

hunkermunker Fri 20-May-05 19:14:09

Have I not got a strong track record of always being deadly serious?

I'll flounce if you don't all believe me pronto!

hunkermunker Fri 20-May-05 21:17:56

So anyone? Any plots?

Aero Fri 20-May-05 21:18:43


Louise1980 Sun 22-May-05 14:54:46

Hunkermunker, maybe you havnt noticed but Im a bit dimmer than the average big brested blonde and have no idea if that was meant to be funny or not. If it was I didnt get it!

hunkermunker Sun 22-May-05 14:56:33

Well, I thought it was funny...

Louise1980 Sun 22-May-05 14:58:12

Well i might if Id understood it!

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