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The soldier's Road to Amarillo

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MarsLady Tue 17-May-05 22:26:31

It was on the news and it was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hulababy Tue 17-May-05 22:27:21

It was very funny. Completely crashed MOD's website though! Anyone seen it online?

MarsLady Tue 17-May-05 22:27:56

If it's online then I want it! We laughed so much.

Frizbe Tue 17-May-05 22:28:42

I think theres a link from the bbc website?

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 22:31:28

Dh was sent a memo asking all service personel who got sent it to delete it asap as it was crashing the system. Damn funny!

Hulababy Tue 17-May-05 22:32:26

I think the MOD have allowed it to stay on their site now though haven't they? Said it was good for morale.

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 22:34:05

Oh, they thought it was great for morale, trouble was it was crashing the MOD system, which is a separate one from the internet!

Hulababy Tue 17-May-05 22:35:06

Is it not on the proper internet?

LGJ Tue 17-May-05 22:36:55

there is a link here

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 22:37:00

They have both systems. One secret squirel one, and the ordinary one! Shhhhh, don't tell anyone!

Gwenick Tue 17-May-05 22:37:02

hula - I'm sure it must on there somewhere by now - it's just trying to find it LOL

MarsLady Tue 17-May-05 22:41:08

what a tiny clip

LGJ Tue 17-May-05 22:42:43

Oh Lord, you been with my DH again

MarsLady Tue 17-May-05 22:43:26


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