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Celebrity Love Island - I feel grubby

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sobernow Mon 16-May-05 21:34:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charliecat Mon 16-May-05 21:38:32

what channels this?

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 16-May-05 21:40:37

They haven't all been swept away on a boat then?


Fimbo Mon 16-May-05 21:42:24

Abi Titmuss and Rebecca Loos - pllleeaase. Says it all really. Staying here until ER starts at 10

sobernow Mon 16-May-05 21:49:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jodee Mon 16-May-05 21:50:41

Can't fool me, sobernow, you've been watching for a good 15 mins, book my eye!

RTKangaMummy Mon 16-May-05 22:06:02

I only managed to watch for few minutes then thought what rubbish and turned sound off and talked to DH instead

katierocket Mon 16-May-05 22:08:18

it was never going to be an intellectual stimulater was it!

RTKangaMummy Mon 16-May-05 22:11:01

True but have never heard of these ZZZZZZZZZZZZ listers

And unless I am misunderstanding it we vote for who we want to get off with each other

I like other shows like BB and love I'm a celebraty get me out of here

BUT I like watching them squirm etc NOT fall in love

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 16-May-05 22:16:56

Just loved that quote from Abi Imatitmuss

" *I am* sexy"

Who says, exactly???

soapbox Mon 16-May-05 22:19:57

Who is that snivelling away because she doesn't have any walls????

Walls - is she mad???

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 16-May-05 22:21:17


No walls, no walls, I have no walls. Life is crap I'm on a beautiful island being served amazing food and drink with wonderful weather. Woe is me!

sobernow Mon 16-May-05 22:26:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Mon 16-May-05 22:26:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gobbledigook Mon 16-May-05 22:35:59

Tell you what - it just shows you how much airbrushing goes on in magazines - Abi titsnarse doesn't look quite like she does in her photos

Which bloke would you go in teh Love Shack with? I'd pick Lee Sharp anyday. The others are all minging or have their heads firmly up their own arses.

Gobbledigook Mon 16-May-05 22:36:12

Except Beppe but he's not my type...

piffpaffpuff Mon 16-May-05 22:36:49

my lounge is full of buckets with vomit in them

piffpaffpuff Mon 16-May-05 22:38:26

Abi - I'm not promiscuous <snort>

rickman Tue 17-May-05 10:29:02

Message withdrawn

fastasleep Tue 17-May-05 10:36:43

I liked the bit where Abi (my namesake..eugh!) said 'People say I'm a man-eater, who exactly am I meant to have eaten?'..... well everyone with an inch of curiosity and broadband's seen for themselves love!! .. Can't believe I watched that.

rickman Tue 17-May-05 10:39:21

Message withdrawn

SleepyJess Tue 17-May-05 10:41:30

PML at you lot!! Didn't see it,.. can't say I'll bother now...

Am kinda looking forward to Big Brother.. which has given my classist issues.. because during the course of my course work (that doesn't sound right?!).. it has tranpsired that 'reality tv, soap operas and playing bingo are all very working/lower class cultural pursuits'!!

I don't acknowledge 'class'.. it offends me!... but at the same time I am bothered that I am now officially a minger!

SJ x

JoolsToo Tue 17-May-05 10:41:49

Paul Danan which is hardly surprising as they focused on both those two for most of the programme!


fastasleep Tue 17-May-05 10:41:50

Ohhh that annoying guy.... erm.... erm..... the one everyone was trying to pair her up with anyway.

fastasleep Tue 17-May-05 10:42:02

oops x posted lol

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