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The Ben Fogle South Pole thing!!! Can't actually remember what it's called...

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fartmeistergeneral Sun 28-Jun-09 22:15:22

Didn't like Jonny Lee Miller AT ALL - came across as a bit of a twat??

ingles2 Sun 28-Jun-09 22:24:53

do you think?
I thought he seemed embarrassed... probably because he knew the chances of him doing the race were slim.

AnotherFineMess Sun 28-Jun-09 22:26:20

I can't commnet because I was distracted by James Cracknell. Come over to this thread if you want to be shallow and talk about bottoms smile

fartmeistergeneral Sun 28-Jun-09 22:26:23

Actually, you may be right. He did come across as being quite awkward, and I found myself cringing thinking - he ain't going to be doing this - it was almost like watching a car crash, slight exaggeration - but I felt that at any moment Ben and James were going to be massively disappointed. Will have to wait til next week to see that!!!!

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