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pigleychez Sat 27-Jun-09 22:46:53

I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it funny. Is it a series?
If so when is it on as I couldnt see it anywhere on the sky EPG.

cornsilk Sat 27-Jun-09 22:47:42

Yes there are 2 series. Very funny.

IkeaHighchair Sat 27-Jun-09 22:52:11

Yes. I think that they are running a reeat of the second series on Dave or something like that.

It really is hilarious. I havent seen the 1st series though

pigleychez Sat 27-Jun-09 22:56:15

Wasnt it on the BBC?

wrinklytum Sat 27-Jun-09 22:56:50

Thought it was funny until joke about "Special needs kids on the bus"

pissed me off as I have a sn child who goes to school on transport.

Maybe oversensitive.Probably.

wrinklytum Sat 27-Jun-09 23:07:25

Sorry,it IS funny.I am being oversensitive.

Little girl is fab.Am just being bitter and twewisted.It just got to me.

dd does a fine line in blowing kisses and waves as her bus departs!

stickylittlefingers Sat 27-Jun-09 23:15:20

it's funny in an oh no that's a documentary of my life sort of way. The kids are brilliant. We got them out on lovefilm having only seen bits because of our chaotic lifestyle!

stickylittlefingers Sat 27-Jun-09 23:16:28

please to clarify - I got the DVDs on lovefilm, really couldn't cope with renting more children out grin

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 28-Jun-09 09:02:59

very funny

and does seem very true to life from the childrenand what they say/do

Theresa Sun 28-Jun-09 14:25:32

Second series seemd to be being repeated on BBC on Fri nights but they only showed first episode. We saw the second series last year and loved it (us and dc's aged 7 & 10) so we got the first series on DVD and its also very funny

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