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Celebrity Love Island

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compo Sat 14-May-05 19:52:10

I know I shouldn't watch this but I probably will. Can't beleive Kelly Brook is going to be one of the presenters - I thought she was all Hollywood now. And I thought Jayne Middlemiss was way too cool to be involved in something like this too.

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 19:57:35

When is this on - could do with some new 'crap' to get hooked on now that Playing it Straight has finished

compo Sat 14-May-05 19:58:50

9pm Monday ITV1 and then probably loads of inane chit chat on ITV2 - I think it's for 6 weeks so will overlap with Big Brother. Why does everything happen this time of year - it was always the way when I was revising for exams in the past

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 20:02:10

Going to try and avoid Big Brother as it just becomes too all consuming being on every night. I know JoolsToo will watch it though and drive me nuts harping on about it even though I'm not watching it!

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 14-May-05 20:02:17

I hope Abi Titmuss and Rebecca Loos get swept out to sea and no one finds them ever.

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 20:03:09

Oh sh*t are they in it - oh dear, not sure I can watch or I'll be putting my foot through the screen

Desperate is just not the word for these two muppets!

snafu Sat 14-May-05 20:03:20

pmsl nbg!

I'm not going to watch any of them. I shall read Improving Books instead.

compo Sat 14-May-05 20:04:11

I'm afraid this is going to be on every night too so perhaps it's better if you don't staret watching it!!

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 14-May-05 20:04:46

Who TF is Paul Danan?

Calum Best, Hmmm

They should have just called it celebrity sh*g island.

Satine Sat 14-May-05 20:06:54

How bloody awful for Victoria Beckham to see Rebecca Loos popping up all over the place as a 'celeb' (even if it is z list). I don't have strong feelings either way about the Beckhams but this must be hard.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 14-May-05 20:11:36

You don't know what poisonous animals are on that island.

compo Sat 14-May-05 20:11:51

nbg - apparently he played Sol in Hollyoaks....

compo Sat 14-May-05 20:14:18

apparently Judi Shekoni is a former Eastender as well as Michael Greco (Beppe) but I've no idea who she is

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 15-May-05 09:57:06

Judi Shekoni played someones girlfriend and then started going out with Paul.
She wasn't in it very long.

I remember Sol as well.

But if you were a celeb and hadn't done anything for a while, would you really make your come back by doing Celebrity Love Island?

dinny Sun 15-May-05 10:11:15

she played Precious, I think.

Earlybird Thu 02-Jun-05 20:05:30

Anyone still watching this....besides me? What do you think of the latest comings/goings?

Tinker Thu 02-Jun-05 20:07:55

Afraid I can't resist the odd peek

Tinker Thu 02-Jun-05 20:08:54

Grumble disapprovingly as I watch, of course.

Paul Danan though is vile, vile, VILE.

tamum Thu 02-Jun-05 20:12:14

I don't watch. Naturally.

I hate Paul too. And I'm none too keen on Jayne.

Earlybird Thu 02-Jun-05 20:12:17

Agree that Paul goes from being mildly entertaining to very irritating.

What do you think of Jane/Lee? Must say he seems like a good chap, but I can't believe he's been flirting with Abbie!

Tinker Thu 02-Jun-05 20:14:12

Can't believe JM's on it at all. She will be sooo embarrassed by her behaviour when she returns to earth though.

tamum Thu 02-Jun-05 20:15:49

I couldn't believe how much she blamed Lee for making a fool out of her when she had just let herself in for it. She'd told him she fancied him on national televsion.

Earlybird Thu 02-Jun-05 20:16:51

I fail to see the appeal of Calum Best. He's reasonable to look at, I'll give you that, but he's not gorgeous, interesting or charismatic enough to warrant the "ladies man" reputation he seems to enjoy.

Du'Aine (sp?) seems devoid of personality as far as I can tell....

Tinker Thu 02-Jun-05 20:19:13

Calum is dull. When he and Loos woman were in the Love Shack ( at knowing this stuff) they had nothing to say to each other.

tamum Thu 02-Jun-05 20:20:14

I don't like her either, now you come to mention it. Or I wouldn't, if I ever watched it. Which I don't, of course.

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