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channel 5 now - I am shocked

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emily05 Thu 12-May-05 21:06:05


misunderstood Thu 12-May-05 21:17:18

Emily05,I am sitting here stunned.
Can,t believe what i am hearing

AngelCakeUmm Thu 12-May-05 21:18:14

oh i cant get channel 5 in my bedroom, what is it your watching ??

kid Thu 12-May-05 21:20:07

families behaving badly

I'm not watching it but thats what is on

Gobbledigook Thu 12-May-05 21:20:42

me too - blimey charlie - I cannot believe that little boy just called his Mum a c**t

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 12-May-05 21:20:47

Dear me!

emily05 Thu 12-May-05 21:21:55

It is terrible. This family - mum and dad with 2 children and the parents have taught the two kiddies to swear! The little boy who must be about 5 uses the c**t word! The little girl calls her mum a "fat bitch" and the mum laughs! They give their children no positive praise and bark orders at them like dogs. really awful.

There are these two 'experts' trying to teach them to be good parents - impossible job!!

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 21:24:35

OMG why do the parents find it soooooooo funny ??

misunderstood Thu 12-May-05 21:26:13

The children seem more intelligent than the adults

emily05 Thu 12-May-05 21:27:11

misunderstood - I agree, the kids are a lot smarter!

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 21:28:09

Did the mother really call the daughter a bitch like that ??

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 12-May-05 21:29:15

I still can't believe the little boy said the C word!

misunderstood Thu 12-May-05 21:31:15

I wonder if the children swear like that at school or just in the house?

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 21:31:21

My dad said the little boy opposite him shouted to another boy the other day for him to go lick his moms c**t. Dad said he was about 5.

It is disgusting, the parents should be soooooo ashamed of them selves.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 12-May-05 21:36:07

I don't like that woman.

She really is taking it to the extremes.

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 07:57:38

What realy worried me was that when they were showed a film of how their behave, they just laughed at it. they should have been damn well ashamed of themselves.

And the mother was a slob who jusy sat there and barked orders at her children. I wouldn't talk to a dog like that.

The little girl looked as if she had twice the sense of her parents.

And then the mother had the cheek to say she didn't like being ordered around. Well strrike a light gov, what did she think it felt like for het kids?

And we wonder how our kids pick up bad language in schools? it is because of idiot parents litke these.

tiktok Fri 13-May-05 10:20:02

Wasn't the little girl a sweetheart? Really intelligent and thoughtful for just 8.

Hafta say, I thought the mum and dad were both awful, but who knows what went on in their background to make them think it is all right to call your own child a f*in' bitch.

They both almost preferred to choke rather than to praise their kids. I don't think the apparent changes will last, but the root cause probably lies in their own childhoods.

Hermione1 Fri 13-May-05 10:27:34

i was watching it in shock, lol, i couldn't believe it.

charliecat Sat 14-May-05 13:17:10

Since seing this programme the buses have been full of similar types of folks.
2 girls with 5 kids between them, kids sitting playing nicely and quietly, mothers had nothing better to do so started picking on them, telling them to sit up straight and to do as they were told or they wouldnt get a your being naughty nothing for you, ha ha...can you see how gutted he/she is...oh it went on for ever.
Litte boy gets off the bus and innocently wanders off mother screams at him he comes toddling back and she picked him up by his shoulders and rammed him in his bugggy...didnt deserve it, he just assumed they were following and did come back when asked/screamed at.

Just now a little lad with a speech problem, you could barely understand what he was saying was trying to chat away and she kept saying shut up shut up, noone wants to hear you..shut up.
After 5 mins she said get your dummy out your pocket and shut up.
Made me want to cry

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