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BBC Living with Monkeys- anyone see it?

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anniehall7 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:38:42

Hello all,
Has anyone else been watching this on the BBC? I absolutely loved it- a shame it was only on for two episodes, as I'd love to see a series. My nieces absolutely loved it too. Apparently there is a dvd coming out in July though, if you missed it and its disappeared from iplayer! Wish BBC did more "case study" type programmes like this, it really was a real treat.

It's also made me fall in love with Sri Lanka. I've been googling, and there are a few companies who are now bringing out similar tours so you can follow in their footsteps/pawprints. I really like the look of the tours "the adventure company" are offering, but let me know if you see any others?

Thank you!

Bramshott Wed 17-Jun-09 14:41:17

I didn't see it, but Guy thinamygig was writing about it in the Observer and mentioned seeing a grandmother breastfeeding her grandchild which I thought must have been amazing!

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