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May Contain Nuts - anyone else watching?

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Dumbledoresgirl Thu 11-Jun-09 21:11:33

LOL at "A herbivore can't eat a carnivore, now play properly or I will take them away!"

ingles2 Thu 11-Jun-09 21:13:58

we are...both have been snorting at the race with reigns... I think we're laughing because we know women like this grin

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 11-Jun-09 21:15:03

I forgot that was on, just turned over, thanks for the thread. A bit shocked to turn over to the Barnardo's ad though! sad

southeastastra Thu 11-Jun-09 21:15:45

oh i read the book, was a bit daft grin

scrappydappydoo Thu 11-Jun-09 21:16:05

Yep - I've read the book so it should be good

Starbear Thu 11-Jun-09 21:16:13

Just going to turn on telly now What was I thinking ta!

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 11-Jun-09 21:16:53

I'm watching.

bea Thu 11-Jun-09 21:28:53

what a load of old tosh... quite an irritating voice... and are there really mothers out there like that?

is it a comedy????

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 11-Jun-09 21:30:59

Which mother are you referring to Bea?

NeedaNewName Thu 11-Jun-09 21:34:10

Me too - but who was it that wrote the book, I've read it and thought it very funny (I too know mums like this) but bugging me now on what the book was called and who wrote it.

bea Thu 11-Jun-09 21:34:37

all the mothers and the irritatong voice...? the one whose daughter got the lowest mark in the mock exam... not watching it now!

bea Thu 11-Jun-09 21:35:15

ye gads! mothers out there who are really like that!???

silverfrog Thu 11-Jun-09 21:36:16

<useless info alert>

I got married in the church where they sat the mock exam. It's a lovely church.

my SIL lives near there, and sadly, it is all too true.

ZZMum Thu 11-Jun-09 21:36:30

john o'farell wrote it- same name..

scrappydappydoo Thu 11-Jun-09 21:37:59

The book is called 'may contain nuts' and is by John O'Farrell...

bea Thu 11-Jun-09 21:39:04

switched back over... hmmm didn't know putting on a jumper was sooo hard!

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 11-Jun-09 21:39:34

Ffion is hysterical.

SlartyBartFast Thu 11-Jun-09 21:40:18

i wanted to!

bea Thu 11-Jun-09 21:40:36

... and isn't sophie thompson just doing her miss .... whatsername from emma routine?

Lizzylou Thu 11-Jun-09 21:41:56

I'm watching and have read book.
I do know of women like this (was told a horror story of a Mother who had noticed that another woman's child wasn't tracing their name correctly, and told her she should be trying harder with them. At a preschool within a Private Nursery. The Child was just 3yrs old.)

Scary stuff

5inthebed Thu 11-Jun-09 21:45:55

I'm watching it. The mother (Shirley Henderson) played Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (thought I recognised the whiney voice).

NeedaNewName Thu 11-Jun-09 21:46:51

Of course it was John O'Farrell - thank you!

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 11-Jun-09 21:49:58

Shirley Henderson is in loads of stuff. Ummm, HP, Doctor Who, that thing with that sexy man, modern day Taming of the Shrew, ummm....well loads of things! grin

ingles2 Thu 11-Jun-09 21:51:54

I was trying to remember where I've seen the dad. It was in Green Wing, he was stabbed with a penknife by Stephen Mangan.

myredcardigan Thu 11-Jun-09 22:51:18

I liked her in Hamish Macbeth.

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