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My Monkey Baby.... you know when you just wish you could reach into the TV and throttle someone?

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FenellaFudge Thu 11-Jun-09 00:46:46

I'm not much of an animal person tbh, but I'm watching these fuckwits prat about with this tiny little monkey and really hope the poor little thing grows big and vicious and bitey angry

Actually had tears in my eyes when they were parading their 'baby' in front of the cage its mother was in. Poor, poor monkey was very distressed.

Breeder removed the baby to sell at 10 days old

Selfish bastards, the lot of them.

FenellaFudge Thu 11-Jun-09 00:48:39

And now the tiny scrap of a thing gets to share a home with a pit bull and bull mastiff.


littleboyblue Thu 11-Jun-09 01:35:33

Was it on again? Was it a repeat of last weeks or a second part? i thought it was shocking, hated that bit also about standing infront of cage after 'baby' had been taken from it's mother (must be repeat), awful.
I'm not sure which program left me more disturbed, this or the re-born thing hmm
So sad. Poor little monkey's being dressed up and having make-up put on too. One woman in the one I saw, said her 'daughter' liked watching her put on her make-up and liked it when she (the monkey) got to wear it. The 'mum' put the make-up on her 'daughter' and started cooing about how pretty she looked, but no, it looked like a monkey with lipstick, awful. sad

Qally Thu 11-Jun-09 03:33:05

I had to leave the room when that moron was giggling at the frantic desperation of the mother monkey, while cradling said mother monkey's baby in her own arms. Just horrifying - primates aren't exactly unevolved creatures.

DH said he hoped they saw the programme and flinched, realising. But doubted it.

The whole thing was disgusting - exploitation of highly intelligent animals by idiots who can't handle an equal human relationship. So telling when one woman explained that this "baby" would never grow up, as if that maturation was a betrayal.

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