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make my body younger - is this for real?

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bigted Wed 10-Jun-09 00:31:36

Fat man and father of small child looking crestfallen and shocked at being told he is knackering his body with a diet of pot noodles and fast foods.

He has never eaten a raspberry in his life.

I can't bear it...

101handbags Wed 10-Jun-09 13:22:29

I watched that... ok I admit it, I watch it every week. Oh dear.
I do wonder about these people. And the family looking so 'shocked' when told the truth when it's staring them in the face.

TheCrackFox Wed 10-Jun-09 13:32:16

Total car crash TV.

He looked shocked when his liver was given a biological age of 57 (he is 26) yet was drinking 100 units a week. hmm

What an arse.

bigted Wed 10-Jun-09 17:56:10

101 I watch it most weeks too. I can't help myself.
As for the family looking shocked and sad if he has just been told he has cancer when it is just the standard self inflicted bad health stuff

Do they ask the subjects to lay it on a bit thick do you think?

QueenofSpleen Wed 10-Jun-09 23:33:39

I saw that the other week too, I was more suprised that the 'patients' are shocked!

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