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Tamarto Thu 04-Jun-09 16:31:17

So it launches tonight, i'm hoping it's more like it used to be rather than what it has become.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Thu 04-Jun-09 16:34:01

Ooooh tonight is it? I'll be there. (As in, on couch in front of telly, with crisps, not prancing around with Davina obv.)

Aparently it is a 'credit crunch house'.

Tamarto Thu 04-Jun-09 16:36:34

I've seen some pics. There are no sofas, just crates. I've heard they're sleeping in the living room too. hmm

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 04-Jun-09 16:40:03

I'll be watching, I can't wait. I'm always hopeful that I will know someone who goes in, but I never do!

WhereTheWildThingsWere Thu 04-Jun-09 16:40:33

Wonder what the showering arangements will be, maybe just a bucket? Maybe it will double as a loo.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 04-Jun-09 16:42:59

I think I read something about the kitchen being outside.

Tamarto Thu 04-Jun-09 16:45:11

Me too ILikeTo - Closest i got was someone from my home town being on it, she was gone after a few hours!

TrinityRhino Thu 04-Jun-09 19:43:51

OOOH sooo excited
I love watching big brother

TheOddOne Thu 04-Jun-09 19:56:00

<pulls up a chair>
<<opens wine>>

I have bookmarked official and digital spy webpages.

Dorito anyone?

Hormonesnomore Thu 04-Jun-09 20:02:00

I tell myself each year I'm going to grow up & not watch it, but I get sucked in every time & just know that I'll be watching every night (and morning). I find the psychological aspect fascinating (who am I kidding - it's just fab! grin). Can't wait - hope it's good this year.

Tamarto Thu 04-Jun-09 20:03:21

That reminds me i need to bookmark.

What kind of dorito?

No psychology show this year. sad

TrinityRhino Thu 04-Jun-09 20:06:36

I'll have a dorito, what flavour?

I have watched every one
love it

Hormonesnomore Thu 04-Jun-09 20:08:58

Aww, no Tomasz? He was lovely wink

Tortoise Thu 04-Jun-09 20:11:16

Less than an hour to go. grin

Malteaster tiffin anyone? Fattening and tasty! grin

cocolepew Thu 04-Jun-09 20:14:10

I'll pass on the Dorito thanks, pickled onion Monster Munch anyone?

gossip here

GentlyDidIt Thu 04-Jun-09 20:24:17

LOVE Big Brother! Very excited about it kicking off again. I am hoping that this series will take my mind off being in my third trimester during a heatwave.

I have some peppermint crumbles if anyone fancies...

TheOddOne Thu 04-Jun-09 20:26:47

Chilli Flavour - goes well with wine.

GentlyDidIt Thu 04-Jun-09 20:28:18

Can we have a sweepstake on which broadsheet will be the first to write an unbearably mind numbing article about what defines celebrity these days?

Tamarto Thu 04-Jun-09 20:30:12

I have the chilli ones here too grin

random Thu 04-Jun-09 20:32:39

OOOOh getting excited now... hope there's some eye candy for us ladies grin

CandleQueen Thu 04-Jun-09 20:32:42

According to the BB10 website, 8 men and 8 women, oldest 40 & youngest 18 will be entering the house. But they won't be fully-fledged housemates yet. they have to complete 3 days of tasks to earn their place in the house. Until then they only have access to the living room, garden and a toilet.
This could be fun to watch!!

TrinityRhino Thu 04-Jun-09 20:32:43

oooh yes I love chilli doritos

half an hour grin

Wilts Thu 04-Jun-09 20:36:21

I have got popcorn ready for it to start and have been on digital spy trying to get the gossip blush

Tamarto Thu 04-Jun-09 20:37:55

I love the gossip. Is there a ticker available for download this year?

chosenone Thu 04-Jun-09 20:38:19

Whats the liklihood of the dynamics this year? apparently all are going to be quite young instead of the odd oldie? I think at least one fake boobs model type, one 'blokie bloke, one mad, alternative punk, one less abled person, at least one Gay/Bi, apparently the producers want to re create the Pete and Nikki year ( my fave) or the Anthony and ??? can't remember his obsessive mate, so im guessing potential for louyd, oddball pairings! loves it!

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