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Benidorm who's watching tonight?

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Curiousmama Sun 31-May-09 20:52:36

I am grin

Curiousmama Mon 01-Jun-09 11:42:30

very disappointing sad

OhBling Mon 01-Jun-09 15:45:59

oh thank god. I thought it was just me.

I had never watched it before and caught a mid season episode last week and nearly died laughing so DH and I recorded last night's special. But we didn't crack a single smile so I wasn't sure if it was just that for some reason we found it funnier last time!

Rindercella Mon 01-Jun-09 15:49:13

DH & I loved the first two series and always used to Sky+ in case we missed it. Last night DH fell asleep halfway through & I struggled to watch it to the bitter end. Very disappointing, but those 'specials' quite often are imo.

Curiousmama Mon 01-Jun-09 16:10:58

Agree 'specials' usually are a let down.

smartiejake Mon 01-Jun-09 18:27:50

The first series was really funny, the second series- rather overdone on similar jokes, the special was lame, lame, lame.

Curiousmama Tue 02-Jun-09 11:47:40

Well series 2 just came in the post today so looking forward to that.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 02-Jun-09 12:05:51

i sky+ it - and somehow managed to miss the last few mins sad

saw mel in the helicopter and man fell from rope and that was it

what else did i miss?

bluebump Tue 02-Jun-09 13:30:34

It was ok, I did laugh a few times but it was not as good as the previous 2 series.

Blondes, in the end the female staff member said due to what had happened they were going to be compensated with a free week in the hotel again, to which they all said no, and then Mick asked when it was. I think that was the ending. Oh well apart from that guy that fancied Janice still being locked in the boot of his car.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 02-Jun-09 14:11:48

thanks blue bump

so next series will be their free week grin

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