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Dr Who and the Garlics

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wordsmith Wed 04-May-05 10:11:16

That's how my DS (5) says Daleks. I thought it was funny.

Mud Wed 04-May-05 10:12:13

my eldest DS watched it with us and wanted me to pout my hands over his eyes, that brought back so msny memories [grin[

yoyo Wed 04-May-05 10:13:13

DD1 said "dalek bread" years ago and it can't be called anything else now.

wordsmith Wed 04-May-05 10:25:32

Dalek bread! ROFL!!

Enid Wed 04-May-05 10:26:28

dd1 has had nightmares every night this week glad to see the 'garlics' arent losing any of their power might knock dr who on the head for now though

ks Wed 04-May-05 10:28:26

Message withdrawn

wordsmith Wed 04-May-05 10:28:30

Yep Enid I wouldn't let DS1 (5) watch it yet - I have too many memories of hiding behind the sofa at the age of 9! But he knows all about it and saw a pic of the garlics on the front of this week's radio times. He's looking forward to watching it when he's older but "It's too old for me now mummy"

yoyo Wed 04-May-05 12:16:19

My DDs aged 9 and 6 found it very moving and were in tears at the end. I was sniffling too.

emmamama Wed 04-May-05 13:13:17

My ds aged 5 just wants to be the daleks friend and make him happy.

Enid Wed 04-May-05 13:20:58

thats why dd1 had nightmares! she felt heartbroken for the dalek. Not helped by dh hamming the whole thing up 'oh poor dalek he's all alone' etc etc

JoolsToo Wed 04-May-05 13:23:10

yoyo and wordsmith

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