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Calmriver Sat 30-Apr-05 22:16:29

HI There.

You know what really annoys me???

When you are waiting for a lift in a shopping centre, and up come a group of kids/family(straight from macDonalds)TAKING UP ROOM!!!
Taking into account of course, that they are just being lazy b's as there are about 12 bloody escalators around!!!!
Must be too hard to work off all those million calories consumed getting to the escalators.

Sorry if I'm moaning, but this gets too me.GRRROWL!

misdee Sat 30-Apr-05 22:17:33

any reason this is under telly addicts?

bubblerock Sat 30-Apr-05 22:17:41

On telly?

bubblerock Sat 30-Apr-05 22:17:58


Calmriver Sat 30-Apr-05 22:24:06

No reason sorry! Just wanted to tell someone how I felt! LOL!!!!!!
You must think I'm nuts!( my hubby does I think, bless him! LOL!

Fran1 Sat 30-Apr-05 23:04:12

The same issue gets me wound up when i'm in a busy shopping centre and the lifts are next to the escalators but STILL young, fit, healthy buggyfree people merrily climb into the lift leaving me to wait for the next!

It infuriates me, there are only two floors in this shopping centre, so they only have to stand on the escalators for five seconds - far quicker than waiting for the lift - so why ? why? why do they do it?

Once when i went shopping without dd, i did go and stand in a queue for a lift, then realised i didn't need to and ran off up the escalators before someone accused me of "wasting" space!!

BadHair Sun 01-May-05 00:08:25

The ones who really bug me are the teenagers who go up and down, and up and down, and up and down in the glass elevators, just so they can wave to their mates on each floor.
Grumble moan youth of today etc.

BadHair Sun 01-May-05 00:09:02

And the ones who wait for the lift just to go one floor.

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