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Lolo Ferrari

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Aragon Fri 29-Apr-05 08:56:59

Anyone see this doc about her life (after "Supersize me")last night. Made me want to cry in places - such an unhappy woman. I know it was always obvious she was sad but I just couldn't help feeling so sad. That doctor who sat there justifying doing all those breast enlargements made me want to scream.

flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 08:59:57

I only saw it in bits, and missed the end (sobbing child interrupted it lots, twas most rude of her).

It was very sad

flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 09:00:42

Lolo sad... not sobbing child... although that was sad too...

What with the two sad girlies, and ER making me all emotional, I didn't get on too well last night!!!

fastasleep Fri 29-Apr-05 09:00:48

I watched one a long time ago about her and couldn't face this one! Poor woman

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