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tiredemma Fri 29-Apr-05 08:08:24

just seen on the news, bbc have axed balamory although it wont disappear immediatly, they still have approx 50 episodes to run.

pc plum may be on his way down to the MET then...

hermykne Fri 29-Apr-05 08:23:05

well cant say i ll miss it [smug smile]

jessicasmummy Fri 29-Apr-05 08:23:43


Hulababy Fri 29-Apr-05 08:24:30

Wow, wonder why???? I thought it was doing well - they even have a stage show out this year.

tiredemma Fri 29-Apr-05 08:26:12

it was on news, didnt say why though.
ds2 loves balamory, will have to start gradually weaning him off it!!

fastasleep Fri 29-Apr-05 08:31:12



flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 08:34:46

I would guess that Archie wanted to quit....

He isn't the kind of person you can easily replace, and he wanted to do more growed up stuff.

FA - DD hasn't got all the syllables yet, she just goes "Baaaaaaaa ba baaaa beeeeeeeeee"

Like "Boooooooooooh da da ba" for Bob...

fastasleep Fri 29-Apr-05 08:38:21

Mine watches Neighbours and Doctors with me when we're at home and Eastenders (sometimes) and the occasional film or mini series...and doctor who and that is it lol

Aragon Fri 29-Apr-05 08:49:30

Miles Jupp (Archie) and Julie Nimmo Wilson (Miss Hoolie) don't want to make any more. Both want to do other things now. Personally I won't be happy until I've seen the "Suzie's Cooking" song again and the bas*ards haven't shown it once since the new series began. Instead we appear to have had an influx of the Josie bloody Jump one. She must be shagging the producer - she's featured so heavily. I wouldn't mind if she could act but she can't.

Wow - just re-read that - bring me a saucer of milk someone.

fastasleep Fri 29-Apr-05 08:51:06

I don't think I could do more than one series with that Miss Hoolie smile plastered to my face....ouch!

flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 08:53:07

Maybe it will finished with them realising that evil dimention Josie Jump has got the real one tied in a cupboard somewhere, and she makes her getaway to her own dimention, but blows up Balamory in the process...?

Do I think too much??

fastasleep Fri 29-Apr-05 08:55:53

The only way I can get through watching those programs is imagining things like that flame lol...

flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 08:57:25

I have my own little story for most of cbeebies...

fastasleep Fri 29-Apr-05 08:59:04

I do it when cleaning too... ok I sound totally insane now! But I have to make up like a little imaginary world in which cleaning is vitally important (ie saving the world with my vacuum!) or I just never get around to it

Aragon Fri 29-Apr-05 08:59:07

Oh yes flamesparrow - you think too much. Are you secretly a script writer for Doctor Who. Maybe the Doctor will arrive and rescue her.

Prettybird Fri 29-Apr-05 09:00:59

Is it axed or are they just stopping making new shows? Children's porgrammes like this only need so many episodes, as they can repeat them ad infinitum. Look at Teletubbies!

TrophyWife Fri 29-Apr-05 09:01:27

i mean what a shame. i can stand the bl*dy thing, however my ds (2.5) now knows who lives in which colour house and trys to sing along to most of the songs which is very cute.

lou33 Fri 29-Apr-05 09:02:08

hoorah, i cna now stop wanting to catch miss hoolie's eyes as they fall out of her head, and ds2 (4) can stop screaming, " I hate Balarory it's rubbish", at me

expatinscotland Fri 29-Apr-05 09:02:28

It's about the only show my daughter watches. I think it's the accent that does it for her b/c she doesn't hear other Scottish accents regularly on telly.

But Miss Hoolie gives me the creeps and now I won't be badgered into going to Tobermoray during midgie season [gring]

lou33 Fri 29-Apr-05 09:02:29

balamory i mean, sorry

flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 09:06:15

I am slightly concerned about you saving the world by hoovering...

Does it work though?? If it does I think that I might be in a similar world soon, one that is saved by ironing!!!

DillyDally Fri 29-Apr-05 09:13:48

why cant archie marrie hoolie and be replaced by new characters?
Say Miss Woolie - a new nursery teacher and Pete the plumber or Vera the vet?
What will happen to Suzie? Is her pension fund sufficient now or will we find her in the desperate world of stannah stairlift adverts?

fisil Fri 29-Apr-05 09:45:27

Why can't they axe the Roly Mo Show instead?

flamesparrow Fri 29-Apr-05 09:48:47

Because I like the song from Roly Mo...

If they can just show the opening music, and then no more, that is fine

HappyDaddy Fri 29-Apr-05 10:44:07

Josie Jump is a fox and the original one was as wooden as a big skinny wooden thing.

I did laugh when I read that Miles Jupp, Archie, is an award winning comedian. Apparently he keeps getting kids coming to his shows and has to completely re-write his material accordingly! .

DW hates Balamory for sooooo many reasons. Don't think it helped that the first one she saw had Spencer being falsley accused of stealing and he and Josie Jump being the only musical ones. She shouted, "why not have them eating water melon, too?" at the telly the other day. DD and I cracked up. Sorry.

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