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Brothers and Sisters on More4??

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alibo Fri 24-Apr-09 10:44:55

How sad was last nights episode?? Nearly had me in tears, Robert keeling over like that, he looked shocking! Meanwhile Kitty helping their surrogate mother give birth! Anyone else fans of this, i love it!

ronshar Fri 24-Apr-09 10:47:48

My box was playing up last night so missed it completetly.
I love it though. Cry nearly every week.

alibo Fri 24-Apr-09 10:54:59

it was so sad, Kitty basically said things were over with her and robert if he puts work first and doesn't get to hospital to see birth of baby; He has no choice but to announce he's running for governor that day, and the mother has gone into labour early. So Kitty is there without him, and all the family of course, says she will never forgive him for not being there,etc, he makes a last mad last minute dash to hospital, as baby is born (in slow motion), he keels over, vomits, obviously bad heart attack, shockingly realistic, and ends with him slumped on the floor with his team calling for ambulance. shock, it was so moving!

ronshar Fri 24-Apr-09 11:00:21

Poo that really would make me cry.
I shall have to try and find out when it is repeated. Do you know?

EHM Fri 24-Apr-09 12:51:10

our box played up too. so watched instead of sky + if was fantastic one of the best episodes yet. ronshar I am sure its repeated on sunday evenings.

Twims Fri 24-Apr-09 12:53:44

Yes fab episode last night - poor Kitty and whats going on with Holly?

JosieMiller Fri 24-Apr-09 12:54:52

Oh dont say
am not reading
i do FFWD over most of noras rants though

McDreamy Fri 24-Apr-09 12:56:01

Oh I love it! Last night was very sad sad

MrsJamin Fri 24-Apr-09 13:02:02

B&S is amazing, one of my favourite programmes. I can't comment on the storylines though as I'm watching it as they are shown in the US. I just love Sally Field so she really holds the show together.

alibo Fri 24-Apr-09 13:18:22

Ronshar, hope you manage to catch a repeat, and i haven't spoiled the storyline for you, LOL!! Oh, and all the while this slow motion, flicking btwn scenes of baby being born, and Robert collapsing in car park, the Coldplay song, "I will fix you" is playing; don't know if you know it, that's enough to set you off blarting to start with blush!
And, yes, Holly isn't going to just "walk away" from the buisiness is she? (her snooty voice actually really gets on my wick, lol!)

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 24-Apr-09 13:33:17

it was heartbreaking sad

<blonde dabs eye>

i love B&S - and esp rob lowe!!!!

i have checked sky and doesnt seem to be on apart from thursday so unless you can watch on catch up on internet then your luck isnt in

McDreamy Fri 24-Apr-09 14:15:47

Oh I am a Justin fan grin

swanriver Fri 24-Apr-09 17:09:56

Watching it out of blue, after long absence I did find it all rather strange. Some of it very ott and surely mother is not going to give up her baby to that tiresome Kitty? I completely sympathise with Rob Lowe wanting to keep away from the whole birthing chamber setup. Rather a shock to have it turn tragic, was not expecting him to be the casaulty! Also how did mother manage to prepare such an enormous rack of lamb meal with so little help, not at all convincing as a fmily dinner to me grin
But next week, I am hooked!

bronze Fri 24-Apr-09 17:14:35

I might just have to google to find out what happens to him. I watched it in the middle of the night while feeding ds. I'm surprised I didnt drown him in tears.

alibo Fri 24-Apr-09 19:20:07

OMG, thank goodness, it's not just me then that thinks Rob Lowe is totally gorgeous, those eyes are just, well, amazing! blush (I think Nora must spend all her time making those big family dinners to take her mind off how many more secret children of her late husband are going to pop up!)

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 24-Apr-09 19:53:47

he is so cute - loved him in st elmos fire


and the episode seemed more sad coz of the music - think the song was by coldplay?

alibo Fri 24-Apr-09 22:21:52

Yeah, it's called "Fix You", bit of a tear jerking song anyway, if you're that way inclined! Couldn't resist having a quick google on Brothers and Sisters, and it seems Robert does survive, thank the lord!! wink

ronshar Fri 24-Apr-09 22:28:48

I have searched the sky planner. You are right only on Thursday night.sad Bugger I shall have to search internet for watch again.

I know the song. I am going to have tissues ready.
I cant stand Holly. She seems to talk through her nose. She is such a PITA.
Justin is very yummy but unfortunately does not hold a candle to my lovely Rob. Yummy yummy. And he is all mine, so stand back ladiesgrin

swanriver Fri 24-Apr-09 22:40:53

Holly was in ThirtySomething an excellent drama series a long time ago. That was when RL was only in his teens I think. But only those of us who are in are 40's will remember! She had the same strange voice but was less glamorous.

swanriver Fri 24-Apr-09 22:42:36

(our 40's)

ronshar Fri 24-Apr-09 23:00:28

Of course was she Melissa? Or Hope?
I am in early 30's & I remembersmile

ZacharyQuack Sat 25-Apr-09 02:50:41

Holly was (I think) Paige in Thirtysomething, her character was married to the red-haired beardy bloke. The actress is married to Ken Olin, who played Michael (Hope's husband) in Thirtysomething and who also directs B&S and played Holly's old flame who is (probably) Rebecca's real father.

I knew all that without googling it, and I don't even really like B&S, though I watch it compulsively. <<saddo>>

SesIsCountingdowntheweeks Sat 25-Apr-09 06:55:51

Another fan here. DH and I haven't missed an episode!

This week was so well done and left me liking that Coldplay track ( which I think Chris Martin wrote for Gwyneth when her dad died).

Does this mean that next week is last in this series though?

DH and I were speculating about what Holly is doing at Tommy's. Is she going to tell Tommy's wife about him sleeping with Rebecca's friend last series? He could yet go to prison for using pension funds to buy that land.

Rob Lowe definitely best looking but I also really like Matthew Rhys.

mosschops30 Sat 25-Apr-09 10:15:51

I havent read much of this thread because havent seen this weeks yet its still on the planner.
I adore this prog, its the highlight of my week (sad), it is by far the best prog on tv.

Sesis - tommys wife already knows he slept with the old receptionist, they both admitted they had slept with other people, last series

SesIsCountingdowntheweeks Sat 25-Apr-09 10:30:50

Yeah - you're right mosschops...
I wonder what Holly's evil plan is then?!

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