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Desperate Housewives: Mike and Katherine?

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MrsMerryBunnyGirlHenry Sat 11-Apr-09 22:14:51

Sorry. Not buying it.

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Sat 11-Apr-09 22:16:33

Well, they keep it running for weeks and weeks! right til the end of the series anyway.

He's lovely that mike delfino. LOVELY. I said Lovely.

MrsMerryBunnyGirlHenry Sat 11-Apr-09 22:21:34

What?? You've seen the whole of the current series? How is this possible - are you a Yank?

Mike's ok, not my type, but definitely dishy.

DSM Sat 11-Apr-09 22:23:06

Not seeing him and Katherine either. Him and Susan - yes. Him and me, yes. Him and Katherine? No.

MrsMerryBunnyGirlHenry Sat 11-Apr-09 22:26:35

Yeas, it seems like they've done it by design to persuade us that Mike and Susan are made from each other and going to get back together.

DSM Sat 11-Apr-09 22:28:11

Ooh, who has seen it?

I want to know what happens, please.

Does Dave do something to Mike?

MrsMerryBunnyGirlHenry Sat 11-Apr-09 22:29:14

Oh, please don't spoil it! I'm going to hide this thread, I need the suspense...

themoon66 Sat 11-Apr-09 23:25:41

Mike and Katherine - no no no

marie1979 Sun 12-Apr-09 01:13:23

i agree mike and katherine no no no no no me and mike yes yes yes yes yes if dave kills mike i will NOT i repeat NOT be happy

HonkingAntelope Sun 12-Apr-09 01:19:31

I'm confused - the series hasn't finished yet in the US. There hasn't been an episode for a month or so but it's back in a couple of weeks and won't finish until mid-May <geek emoticon>

Agree that Mike & Katherine is all types of wrong.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sun 12-Apr-09 01:29:55

Mike and Katherine very wrong.

Would love to have Mike come and sort out my pipework though......arf!!!

Please don't let Mike be killed off - especially not by psycho man.

MrsMerryBunnyGirlHenry Sun 12-Apr-09 11:55:24

PMSL at MrsJohnSimm's pipework! But what would John say? grin

Dave is such a freak, isn't he? Much as I loathe Edie I do still feel sorry for her for being suckered in by such a monster.

Considering how many woman fancy Mike I would be very surprised if they killed him off. They have fooled us a few times into thinking 'this is it' for him, but the fact that they keep on saying 'haha, fooled you!' hopefully means that this time he won't cop it, either.

The other thing I found unbelievable was that saccharine vomit-inducing 100th birthday episode with the handyman. What were they thinking??

navyeyelasH Sun 12-Apr-09 12:06:27

ASAIK it has finished in the US?? I have seen the last episode, I'm sure of it!

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Sun 12-Apr-09 12:43:57

Nope the season isn't over yet. I'm downloading the episodes the day after they air in the U.S. 5x18 was the last one to air, and they've still got 4 more to go this season.

chocolepew Sun 12-Apr-09 12:46:25

Mike - yuk

Tom - yum

Susan gets right up my nose.

DSM Sun 12-Apr-09 12:48:29

Oh sweet lord yes, I love Tom. More than Mike actually.

MrsMerryBunnyGirlHenry Sun 12-Apr-09 12:51:03

I don't really fancy anyone on Wisteria Lane but if I had to choose it would be Tom. I think he and Lynette are fab.

Agree - Susan is limp and annoying. Like one of the soggy pieces of spinach which I've just chucked in the compost.

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Sun 12-Apr-09 16:53:00

I'm in Ireland, and it finished on RTE2 a week or two ago. Sorry, I won't say anything else.

Dave Williams looks like Harry Enfield though, doesn't he?! Am I allowed to say that!?

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Sun 12-Apr-09 16:54:28

Susan is pathetic. Totally pathetic and annoying.

The last one they showed here two weeks ago, it certainly seemed like the end of a series as there was a cliff hangar type ending.

DSM Sun 12-Apr-09 16:55:00

The current series has not finished in Ireland, it hasn't even finished in America!

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Sun 12-Apr-09 20:22:26

Well there must have been some sort of hiatus in filming which was worked around plot wise. I don't want to give anything away, but the whole Dave Williams story reached its momentum and there was one character who we're not sure if they are dead or alive. And then that was it. It hasn't been on for at least 2 weeks.

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Sun 12-Apr-09 22:23:32

Yes, there's been a break, but it's not the end of the season. I guarantee you, there are 4 episodes to go after the episode Margot is talking about. You only need to google 'Desperate Housewives episode guide' to get this info! (but don't look if you don't want spoilers)

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 13-Apr-09 13:06:43

mike or tom def

and i thought it was one of the leading ladies who gets bumped off (so my spy tells me in usa)

muggglewump Mon 13-Apr-09 13:55:46

I know who dies.
According to ABC episode 19 aired in the US last night but I can't find a torrent for it anywhere.
Does anyone have a link to one I can use?

I need to see it!

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Mon 13-Apr-09 14:47:16

It didn't air last night, 5x19 is not airing until 19th April (this is according to as well). Most likely they aired a repeat last night.

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