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Extreme makeover- home edition - anyone else watch it?

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sallystrawberry Fri 22-Apr-05 21:50:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

feelingold Fri 22-Apr-05 22:19:26

I watch it too (so does dh when he's not working) and I usually have tears in my eyes too,
Most of these familys stories are so sad and their houses are just so awful.
I love Ty and the team especially Paul cos he always cries, it's great.

TwoIfBySea Fri 22-Apr-05 22:22:34

Another addicted household here. Both dh and I love this although Ty is a bit shouty sometimes! I love that the families are so deserving rather than some of the ungrateful ones you get on makeover shows here. Though I can't imagine a programme set in Britain where they rip down the house and rebuild in 7 days.

emmamama Tue 26-Apr-05 14:33:57

OMG! It's almost an obsession now. I cry, sob laugh weep. It's superb.

Puts our tatty MDF tables and a few sheets of laminate to shame! Bring it to the UK soon please.

melsy Tue 26-Apr-05 14:56:24

Gawd thought I was the only soppy apath with this !!!I always blubb at the end because the people are so deserving and its a really glad feeling!!

scotlou Tue 26-Apr-05 15:15:22

I love it too - although wish Ty would get rid of teh megaphone!
Don't think it would work in UK - we're too reserved!

expatinscotland Tue 26-Apr-05 15:18:52

No, I don't watch it. Cannot afford to own a home at all and there are more of us in similar situations - the number of first-time buyers continues to slip. Would rather see a show in the UK about helping a family who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a home get one.

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 15:32:35

Did you see the one with the deaf parents and the blind and autistic son. i was amazed at the way the boy 'read' the parents sign language using his hands. wow wow!! they didnt need a larger house, they just needed a 'safe' house for their son who kept escaping.

but bin that bloody megaphone!

Tortington Tue 26-Apr-05 22:41:51

i am obsessed with it - but really its definatley one of those " only in America" tv progs. a mum has a daughter with aids, adopts two other children both with aids - then gets cancer - i mean you couldn't make it up

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