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can somebody tape born with two mothers 4 me?

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tiredemma Thu 21-Apr-05 21:07:04

please???? im at work and cant get hold of dp!!!!
ill love you for ever!!

Hermione1 Thu 21-Apr-05 21:08:04

i would only my video player is not tuned into the telly. sorry hun. hope someone does for you though.

Loobie Sun 24-Apr-05 19:14:55

tiredemma i taped it cause er was on at the same time and im an er junkie so had to watch it,im gonna watch the tape with two mothers on tonight so if you want to cat me with your address i will send it on to you.
L xx

tiredemma Mon 25-Apr-05 08:23:11

thanks a lot!!!! im at work today, can i CAT you later???

Loobie Mon 25-Apr-05 17:30:56

yeh sure thats fine i watched it last night was goooooood.

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