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Cbeebies songs

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misdee Wed 20-Apr-05 17:59:54

does anyone elses kids love these new songs? my dd2 loves them, and wondering if anyone knows if they'll release them on cd. i know dd2 would love that for her birthday.

SaintGeorge Wed 20-Apr-05 18:02:51

Here you go

From 2002 though so might be a bit out of date.

cod Wed 20-Apr-05 18:06:40

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Wed 20-Apr-05 18:07:25

Have searched the BBC website - they don't seem to have released a new one yet.

cod Wed 20-Apr-05 18:08:59

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 20-Apr-05 19:29:05

sorry, should've made it clear, its the presenters songs she likes.

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