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Any Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes Fans?

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Eve4Walle Mon 23-Mar-09 18:10:14

I wondered if anyone knows when Ashes is back? Can't be too long now surely?

Have been watching Life on Mars again on BT Vision and forgot how jaw-droppingly fab it was....

AngeChica Mon 23-Mar-09 21:06:15

Fire up the Quattro Raymondo! Soon I hope... they were still filming series 2 in Feb this year though.

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:12:27

Ooh, I loved these! I am waiting with bated this rate the nineties will be retro though sad

nigglewiggle Mon 23-Mar-09 21:16:14

Loved Life on Mars, not so keen on Ashes. Didn't know they were doing another series.

KayHarkerIsPlayingWithMitchell Mon 23-Mar-09 21:18:23

We're waiting on the date for A2A series 2. All the signs were pointing to April, but nothing has been confirmed yet. I shall probably come bursting on here posting gleefully the second I know.

Aimsmum Mon 23-Mar-09 21:22:23

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:24:54

Ooh, Kay, have you got inside info? And can you write me something erotic about Gene Hunt? wink

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:26:28

I totally love Sam Tyler, really cute, but y'know, Gene just looks like he'd be really filthy grin

KayHarkerIsPlayingWithMitchell Mon 23-Mar-09 21:27:24

Dean Andrew's blog has some interesting clues.

I love Deano <<strokes him>>

KayHarkerIsPlayingWithMitchell Mon 23-Mar-09 21:29:54

BoF - can't write any right now, although my Gene muse will probably grab me roughly once the new series starts. But I wrote this during the last series.

Tigerschick Mon 23-Mar-09 21:31:29

LOM totally passed me by when it was on tv ... well, the first serise did and it seemed a bit daft to start watching it half way thru the second.
We waited until my DB bought it on DVD (which he inevitably did) and watched both serise across one weekend grin

I did enjoy A2A but can't really compare as the way we watched it was so different from LOM.

Really looking forward to the next serise.

BOF - apparently Philip Glenister has said that he doesn't think Gene Hunt should appear in any more serise after this one ... Here it's an old article, though, so things may have changed ...

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:31:36

How exciting!! < settles down for the duration >

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:38:24

Fuck me, Kay- that was FANTASTIC!! No pun intended. My heart is actually thumping, that is a real bloody talent you've got there...I love stuff like that, just the right mix of good writing and good sex!! Blown away...

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:40:11

Tigerschick- maybe he collapsed after shagging Keeley Hawes? Entirely plausible...

BitOfFun Mon 23-Mar-09 21:41:32

DP is taking the piss out of me for being all of a flutter grin

lottiejenkins Mon 23-Mar-09 21:43:49

Interesting what Dean Andrews was saying about Tim Pope. We stayed at his holiday cottage two years ago (now sold) Was a very old cottage..........My sister and her friend shared a bedroom. It had two large glass panes in it one of which was made of two pieces of stained glass window depicting Christ being crucified on the cross. Wilf and I slept in the room opposite with the hall light on. The first night My sis and her friend were terrified because with the hall light on Jesus was depicted all glowing in the dark! grin hmm The next morning they got the Sunday supplements and plastered it over Jesus so he couldnt glow over them that night! wink

Tigerschick Mon 23-Mar-09 21:54:59

BOF's not the only one who's all a flutter!!
Is it hot in here or is it just me wink
Brilliant writing Kay, I'm hugely jealous.

LOL, Lottie, can't say I blame them; sounds more than a bit eerie to me!

MargaretMountford Mon 23-Mar-09 21:56:08

Love the Gene Genie grin

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 24-Mar-09 13:41:29

Have deep & profound lust for Mr Glenister.......but his co-star in LOM wasn't bad either

KayHarkerIsPlayingWithMitchell Thu 26-Mar-09 13:53:44

Spoilers in the press pack.

I am squeeing my arse off, because the returning character is actually the one I wanted to come back, and that will be a marvellous kick in the pants of the Gene/Alex relationship.

Iklboo Thu 26-Mar-09 13:58:56

Thom Yorke of Radiohead looks like John Simm reflected in the back of a spoon grin
I am a closet Gene Genie fan (usually very open with DH who I'd like to do on TV)

KayHarkerIsPlayingWithMitchell Wed 01-Apr-09 08:51:53


If you are watching BBC1 tonight, I'm going to suggest you keep 'em peeled.


KayHarkerIsPlayingWithMitchell Wed 01-Apr-09 08:59:15

Oh, and if you don't want to be spoiled for the details of the first two episodes Don't click here

lottiejenkins Wed 01-Apr-09 09:32:18

I am now officially EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grin grin grin grin

procrastinatingparent Wed 01-Apr-09 13:22:25

aaargh! I clicked! grin

Do we have a start date yet or Will All Be Revealed tonight on BBC1?

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