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Sexy chef on Hells Kitchen

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Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 21:39:46

Shazzlers DH here.
Any women out there dribbling over Jean-Christophe Novelli? Almost as good looking as me, but he can cook.


NomDePlume Mon 18-Apr-05 21:40:17

He is yummy, sexy voice too.

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Apr-05 21:40:57

I've fancied him for years he's here

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 21:41:50

How can us normal guys ever compete...

"oh he can come and stir my juices anyday"

iota Mon 18-Apr-05 21:42:12

I'm missing this - dh is watching Colditz

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 21:43:04

Good for him
I';m going to ban this programme.

Next thing I'll have to wear a chef's outfit to get any luvvin.

RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Apr-05 21:43:24

I thought Gary was a bit mean

perhaps it is an act

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 21:44:21

It's all an act.
The original was quite good.
Gordon Ramsay was so harsh.
Gary is a has been

RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Apr-05 21:46:35

Gordon really is like that though in his kitchen

but am rather annoyed with Gary trying to copy Gordon

I may be completly wrong but it is just first immpression

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 21:50:18

You are right. For sure.
Gary just cant carry that hard man image...

"You ad better be leessening to every fookeek word I say."

Jean even swears in a sexy manner.

My shoulder is covered in her dribble now

FrenchGirl Mon 18-Apr-05 21:53:19

JC looks delicious....................

Nemo1977 Mon 18-Apr-05 21:54:30

he is gorgeous..swoooooooooooooon

Dh kepes laughing at me drooling

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 18-Apr-05 21:56:16

Jean Christophe is bloody gorgeous.

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 21:58:57

Is he really gay?

SPARKLER1 Mon 18-Apr-05 22:06:06

I can't believe the language these chef's use. It's so unecessary.

SPARKLER1 Mon 18-Apr-05 22:06:56

How do they get away with talking to people like they do. People in other areas of work would never get away with it.

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 22:16:00

Gotta stamp their authority somehow.
It's like penis envy (I'm told)

People who cant get a point across without swearing obviously have a limited vocabulary.


SPARKLER1 Mon 18-Apr-05 22:16:47

Shazzler Mon 18-Apr-05 22:18:48

Mr sexy won.

I'll give him his reward....
Eh? Dirty boy!

pepsi Wed 20-Apr-05 13:46:29

Have always had a soft spot for JC but he is sooooo very very sexy when you see him working in the kitchen, even last night when he threw a plate at poor Henry, not a nice thing to do but wow, how sexy. Its not the same without Gordon but shall watch it just to ogle at this lovely specimen of a man. Imagine having a hubby that sexy who can cook you top notch grub. What more could a woman want.

Meggymoo Wed 20-Apr-05 19:37:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Meggymoo Wed 20-Apr-05 19:39:18

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Wed 20-Apr-05 19:40:08

Has got a deffo mega temper though!!!!!

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 20-Apr-05 19:40:30

looking forward to my helping of Jean-Christophe tonight.........

Janna Thu 21-Apr-05 15:43:43

Dare I ask if anyone else finds Gary Rhodes sexy and attractive

(slinks away in embarrassment and shame)

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