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Addicted to surrogacy, Channel 4

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Meglet Mon 09-Mar-09 21:03:00

Anyone else watching?

giraffescantdancethetango Mon 09-Mar-09 21:04:53

I am. My cousin was born last year, she was carried by a surrogate. So a subject close to home.

Meglet Mon 09-Mar-09 21:08:57

pg test in her kitchen shock

NuckingFuts Mon 09-Mar-09 21:13:48

Am shockthat she tipped her wee down the kitchen sink BLEUGGH.

nnibnabs Mon 09-Mar-09 21:14:06

And the wee stick on the bread board! shock Think there woman are fab. I would love to carry a baby if someone close to me asked me to.

DebInAustria Mon 09-Mar-09 21:15:06

I actually thought she was going to drink the cup of wee!

DebInAustria Mon 09-Mar-09 21:15:42

don't think I could do it though

NuckingFuts Mon 09-Mar-09 21:15:48

I could never do it.
All that stain and the mess it leaves your body in nah.

Find it weird that that the wee in sink lady has none of her own.

Meglet Mon 09-Mar-09 21:15:58

Surrogates must be pretty tough to keep going through pregnancy for no real personal gain. No cute baby, but lots of physical effort.

NuckingFuts Mon 09-Mar-09 21:16:23

strain lol

spongebrainbigpants Mon 09-Mar-09 21:19:03

Did it say why she didn't have her own kids?

I thought that was weird too.

Meglet Mon 09-Mar-09 21:20:07

it hasn't gone into why she hasn't hmm.

NuckingFuts Mon 09-Mar-09 21:20:12

No it didnt say why.

Lubyloo Mon 09-Mar-09 21:20:55

That was awkward!

spongebrainbigpants Mon 09-Mar-09 21:22:31

the American woman with twins? Yer, they don't really have a great relationship do they!

nnibnabs Mon 09-Mar-09 21:22:39

I've offered to carry for my friend. She has 1 DC, but cannot fall again. Her first baby was a miracle, she was diagnosed with cysts and was told she would never conceive. So to help her have another would be an honour.

giraffescantdancethetango Mon 09-Mar-09 21:22:52

My aunt and uncle missed their daughters birth, was such a shame they were racing to get there

Seeing how happy its made them has made me so amazed by surrogacy. I have a huge respect for the lady who carried my cousin. MY aunt is lovely - she came with me to the Dr when I was pregnant at 17, I had no idea at the time that she couldnt have children

Oooooh tension between them!!!!

glucose Mon 09-Mar-09 21:23:36

this is all legal i take it?

Meglet Mon 09-Mar-09 21:24:31

how can you detach yourself from someone who you are going to have a child for?!!!!! I daresay it's not so bad if the other couple are lovely, but imagine having reservations about them. scary.

AnybodyHomeMcFly Mon 09-Mar-09 21:27:04

woah Russian lady has no clue with kids - "improving" the little girl's drawing wtf?!

QOD Mon 09-Mar-09 21:27:27

if you are talking about Jill, she has never met anyone and just doesnt want kids.
I only "know" COTS.
Giraffes if your cousins mummy ever wanted to talk to/email someone with a 10 yr old surrogate baby she is welcome to speak to me. It can be very lonely!
nnibnabs - in my experience with COTS and all the posts on their boards, its extremely rare/unheard of to ASK someone, you can hint, put the word out f you will, but 99.9% of the time the surrogate OFFERS to carry your child.
My friend offered out of the blue, I have just supported someone local to me through it (and i have the flowers to prove it LOL) and she had the same, her friend saw her going thru years of treatment and offered.
Its fascinating, me and hubby are glued to it!

QOD Mon 09-Mar-09 21:28:19

oh wow nninabs - i see your new post - you rock!

Meglet Mon 09-Mar-09 21:28:19

Her and her dh are a little peculiar. The surrogate is not entirely happy with them is she.

giraffescantdancethetango Mon 09-Mar-09 21:28:23

Yer glucose they have contracts and pay expences. Then say for example it was the surrogates egg and the fathers sperm, the father is already the legal dad obviously and then the wife can adopt the baby.

AnybodyHomeMcFly Mon 09-Mar-09 21:30:00

Doubt the short haired woman usually does preg test in kitchen but makes better telly...

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