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GMTV stylist

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stainesmassif Fri 06-Mar-09 09:21:03

Does anyone else wonder (and I realise we're not supposed to watch it) why the women on GMTV wear such horrendous clothes? surely they must have a stylist?? andrea and fiona used to look nice most of the time and claire looks good 50/50 (omg, i know all their names) but penny and kate look horrendous almost every day?

MrsMattie Fri 06-Mar-09 09:21:47

I think Kate looks nice most days, actually. The weather girls always look awful.

stainesmassif Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:02

I like Kate, don't get me wrong, but her tops often don't fit.

bigTillyMint Fri 06-Mar-09 09:32:24

WTF did she have on this morning???

Even my son commented on it (not positively grin)

stainesmassif Fri 06-Mar-09 09:38:22

is that the new woman? (haven't learned her name yet). Her top looked like it came out of the bargain bin at primark!! (nothing wrong with primark bargain bins btw)

Meglet Fri 06-Mar-09 14:55:48

i think they have to share clothes and try and re-style them to make a few items go further. I often notice things worn differently on different presenters. I don't think they have a very big wardrobe budget!

stainesmassif Fri 06-Mar-09 17:24:58

haha - i was going to suggest they'd been forcing kate into fiona's cast offs - do you really think they do?

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