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natwest ad on tv is really annoying

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southeastastra Thu 05-Mar-09 16:33:46

you know the one where he says 'shall i get the kettle on' to the pg woman.

seems so staged and badly acted.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 16:35:58

ALL bank adverts are annoying.

In fact 99.9% of ads are annoying.

Cammelia Thu 05-Mar-09 16:39:13

The natwest one is particularly galling.
Fred the Shred, anyone.

I don't understand what they're trying to say, and when was the last time a bank rep came round your house for a cuppa shock

southeastastra Thu 05-Mar-09 16:39:17

well yes you have a point grin

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 16:42:08

I haven't seen it but the 'brand new customers only' one properly grates me. As do the massive signs in our local barclays window that say 'very important customers step this way'

Cammelia Thu 05-Mar-09 16:43:27

I wonder who the VIP customers are

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