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Anyone watch the McLibel 2 documentary on BBC4 last night?

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muminlondon Fri 15-Apr-05 12:31:20

I thought it was really interesting and Helen/Dave (can't remember their surnames) were really inspiring. Just the sort of story Hollywood loves to dramatise - little people take on big business in court and win moral/PR victory which leads to a big crash in profits hahaha. But no doubt they can't because McDonalds is a big sponsor of tacky action figures and other film franchise products. I saw Supersize Me a few weeks ago too.

Enid Fri 15-Apr-05 12:33:14

yeah, don't both films make you HATE macdonalds

fastasleep Fri 15-Apr-05 12:36:03

Made me want to be a vegetarian again, never mind hating McDonalds!

muminlondon Fri 15-Apr-05 12:46:15

Just found their website mcspotlight . McDonalds spent £10 million on legal fees to censor them just for distributing leaflets, they had nothing apart from voluntary donations to cover witness expenses. I don't know how the prosecution laywers can sleep at night - greedy fat cats.

tarantula Fri 15-Apr-05 12:52:19

Im sooooo annoyed I missed it. Didnt realise it was on. Gggrrrrrrr.

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