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Spellbound on tonight C4, 9pm

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Enid Thu 14-Apr-05 20:12:47

I loved this film.

Documentary about american kids in the National spelling championships.

tamum Thu 14-Apr-05 20:19:44

I was thinking about watching it, good to have a recommendation. Especially from you Enid <smarm smarm>

jackeroo Fri 15-Apr-05 20:50:27

thought this was brill too.. saw it at the cinema when i was pregnant with DS. i remember thinking i hope i don't become one of those kind of parents!

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Apr-05 21:00:26

Saw it too

moschops Mon 18-Apr-05 16:34:49

i watched it and halfway through dp and i looked at each other and said 'who wins?' (we've seen it before) and neither of us could remember so we had to stay up and watch it till the end again!!

absolutely brilliant documentary/film and my only disappointment has been that they haven't released an updated dvd following up on the kids, especially as its five years old.

did see some of them on Oprah aaaages ago and one of the girls had decided to follow a career n medicine but i think it would be lovely to see what they are all doing now.

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