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Do you still buy TV guides.....

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dietstartstomorrow Thu 26-Feb-09 14:05:20

.... or just look at whats on online?

I have always subscribed to heat, but not bothering from now on, as it just annoys me now. Will really miss the TV guide bit now though.

gingerninja Thu 26-Feb-09 14:11:32

I'm a saddo and love the Radio Times blush couldn't be bothered to log on every time I want to check what's on.

NoBiggy Thu 26-Feb-09 14:12:39

Christmas radio times, and that's it.

The Saturday paper has the week's telly in, doesn't it?

dietstartstomorrow Thu 26-Feb-09 14:14:20

I never buy papers.

hannahsaunt Thu 26-Feb-09 14:17:39

We always have the current radio times.

Furball Thu 26-Feb-09 14:17:58

I get tv choice - only 40p

BurningBright Thu 26-Feb-09 16:18:00

I love the Radio Times. It is the only magazine I buy and read every week. I even do the sodding puzzles. Hardly watch any TV though. Apart from CBeebies. That's why I lurk here. When I do actually find a programme that I want to watch regularly I like to:

a. Find out who else is watching and what they think
b. Be able to catch up if I miss an episode.

But back to the Radio Times - I love it so much I would probably still buy it even if I didn't have a TV.

nettie Fri 27-Feb-09 10:49:57

Yes the Radio Times. The family I used to nanny for got it and when I left I missed it some much I started buying it. Love it, strange thing is hardly watch any tv!

bluebump Fri 27-Feb-09 10:57:27

We got the Radio Times on offer for ages and I am going to miss it when it finishes.

Does anyone remember when the Radio Times only told you what was on BBC 1&2 and the TV Times used to do ITV & Channel 4 until they both covered them all? Or did I imagine that?

nettie Fri 27-Feb-09 11:05:25

I remember that bluebump. By the way you can get the radio times on subscrtiption cheaply by using tesco voucherswink

gingerninja Fri 27-Feb-09 11:06:14

NO bluebump that was the case. I too love pottering through the radio times but don't watch that much telly. Funny isn't it. I was a little blush about admitting to buying it because, judging by the ads and the accompanying direct mail, it's largely read by the elderly! grin

bluebump Fri 27-Feb-09 11:13:45

Phew, I was right! I will look into getting it with Tesco vouchers as I like reading it now. I still go through it and ring what I want to watch like I did when I was little, only now I go through after and put it in my sky+ box!

wastingmyeducation Fri 27-Feb-09 11:16:05

I was thinking about getting the Radio Times, so I can plan what I want to watch instead of surfing repeats.

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