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Not strictly telly. But best value birthday present ever.

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OrmIrian Mon 23-Feb-09 16:19:50

My parents gave 6yr old DS a copy of the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs CD. So far DS and 2 friends have watched it most of the day. DS#1 and his 12 yr old mates were glued to it yesterday afternoon. All 3 of my DC were watching it last night. Totally engrossed.

Have ordered Walking with Monsters too.

Perhistoric nightmares make excellent babysitters it seems grin

Janos Mon 23-Feb-09 17:42:55

Oh yes I bought this for my DS for Christmas. He is very into dinosaurs and finds it endlessly fascinating

mrsmaidamess Mon 23-Feb-09 17:43:54

Walking with Cavemen good too. My ds knows all these off by heart!

mrsmaidamess Mon 23-Feb-09 17:44:23

We are going to see the Walking with Dino tour when its at Wembley. Can't wait!

OrmIrian Mon 23-Feb-09 21:12:02

Tour? Wow! DS would be beside himself

bodiddly Mon 23-Feb-09 21:23:01

Is this too scary for a 4 year old?

OrmIrian Tue 24-Feb-09 10:51:05

I don't know. Iirc DS#2 was 4 when he first say it. Wasn't scared. But it depends on the child.

ThePellyandMe Tue 24-Feb-09 10:57:37

We've got this too. We got a box set with the Walking with Dinosaurs specials that Nigel Marven did. The graphics are so good it really does look and feel like he is with the dinosaurs. DS2 (4) loves those ones particularly. Neither of mine are scared by them, 6 and 4 by the way.

bodiddly Tue 24-Feb-09 13:11:05

He doesnt scare easily but the last thing I want to do is give him nightmares!

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