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E.R John Carter is back

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Kimi Sun 22-Feb-09 10:12:09

Sex on legs....but he is sad, evasive about kem or why he is back...he is sick....NNNOOOO

spongebrainbigpants Sun 22-Feb-09 10:19:33

Ooooh, I loooove John Carter - is he back this week?

It was great to see Dr Greene last Thursday - although a devastatingly sad episode sad.

francagoestohollywood Sun 22-Feb-09 10:21:27

Dr Greene? He's been dead for seasons...
What's going on? I'm in Italy and we are 2 seasons behind now...

spongebrainbigpants Sun 22-Feb-09 10:35:03

Sorry franca!

Don't worry, it wasn't a dream - it was done in flashbacks connected with another story.

There are even rumours of a return by Gorgeous George for the last series, but I can't see it myself sad.

francagoestohollywood Sun 22-Feb-09 10:39:41

Has Kovac gone sad?

spongebrainbigpants Sun 22-Feb-09 10:47:56

Kovac and Abby left a couple of weeks ago, but Kovac hasn't really featured for a while.

francagoestohollywood Sun 22-Feb-09 10:49:39

Oh ok. At the moment here Abby is drinking and cheated on Kovac (how could she???) Thanks smile

Kimi Sun 22-Feb-09 10:52:31

yes Kovac and Abbey went to Boston to live.
Doug Ross is going to come back too.

Morris and the Lady op are an item, Morris dressed as a superhero was hilarious.

I think Sam and Gates might make a go of it, Neila so needs to get rid of OZ boy and go with Ray (they are the new Ross and Hathaway) I think Carter might die as this episode was called the beginning of the end sad Hope I am wrong.

Jerry drinking the mushroom potion and flirting with Carter was funny, I like Jerry.

francagoestohollywood Sun 22-Feb-09 10:55:00

Oh thanks for updates smile. I like Carter a lot, but didn't like Kem, she was cold.

spongebrainbigpants Sun 22-Feb-09 10:59:37

kimi, is Doug really coming back?!!

I'm hyperventilating at the thought!! grin

Kimi Sun 22-Feb-09 11:04:04

Looks that way yes, don't know if it will be real time or flash back but it has been filmed.

biscuitsmustbedunkedintea Sun 22-Feb-09 14:48:50

Am I missing an episode? Cos the last one I saw on Thursday night had Dr Greene but not Carter.

Have you just given us a spoiler without any warning? Thanks

compo Sun 22-Feb-09 14:58:55

yes, thanks for the spoiler hmm

expatinscotland Sun 22-Feb-09 15:00:39

Bummer. I always hated his character. He plays such a pompous, self-absorbed dicksmack.

troutpout Sun 22-Feb-09 15:11:31

ooh...lost interest in ER ages ago...but might watch if old sex on legs is back

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