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Life of Riley - Did it finish already?

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dietstartstomorrow Sat 21-Feb-09 08:18:48

I was really enjoying that on a Thursday night blush

ssd Sat 21-Feb-09 08:20:26

all the reviews said it was dire, so didn't watch it myself

awful when your enjoying something and it ends, though, isn't it!

princessmel Sat 21-Feb-09 08:27:09

It was AWFUL! We started watching it for a few weeks then just couldn't sit though the whole thing anymore.

dietstartstomorrow Sat 21-Feb-09 08:31:29

oh I thought it was quite funny blush

I loved all the neighbour stuff. The kids were really annoying, apart from the eldest boy.

princessmel Sat 21-Feb-09 08:38:05

I couldn't stand the way the eldest boy was so rude to her. When she was trying to disipline him he practically laughed in her face. No respect.

I hated the one where they encouraged him to smoke too.

And it was ridiculous the way the new dh was in awe of the ex dh.

The baby was hardly ever seen out of the high chair.

Yes I know it's supposed to be funny....

(neighbours joke was the closest to funny imo)

dietstartstomorrow Sat 21-Feb-09 08:43:07

Yes the smoking thing was silly.

I really loved the one with the window in the kitchen, that really made me chuckle.

The babysitter one was funny too.

I know most people would have found it rubbish, but sometimes I quite like rubbish. LOL

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 21-Feb-09 12:19:31

enjoyed the 1st one, watched the other 5 much to dh disgust and sure there wont be a 2nd series

dietstartstomorrow Sat 21-Feb-09 12:42:20

It's way better thn the green green grass - now thats really shite.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 21-Feb-09 13:49:57

hmmmmmmmmm not sure if much better than gg - both are crap tbh

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