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I've just nearly brought my breakfast back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JoolsToo Tue 12-Apr-05 10:08:17

Anyone watch that cosmetic surgery prog last night? (with Vanessa Feltz)

Am I glad I've Sky+ - I've only seen about 10 minutes of it so far and most of that I had to whizz through - yuk, yuk, yuk!

they did show you how the Posh's of this world get their figures back though!

Coming up (can't wait) plastic balls for a man who used to be a woman

FastasleepTheInsomniac Tue 12-Apr-05 10:08:59

....plastic...? Glad I didn't watch that!

swiperfox Tue 12-Apr-05 10:11:09

lol will never see ping pong balls in the same way again!!!

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