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hollyoakes question....

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ilovespinach Tue 17-Feb-09 11:20:45

anyone know where baby Max has gone??

(hides head in shame from asking question )

candyfluff Tue 17-Feb-09 11:55:51

last time i saw it jackie had him ?

ilovespinach Tue 17-Feb-09 12:35:15


I need to watch a bit more closely ...I was sure I hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks though

PlumBumMum Tue 17-Feb-09 12:36:18

Yeap ilovespinach who had him when they were all out shoplifting?

Bellini12 Tue 17-Feb-09 15:26:22

Could anyone tell me what has happened to Louise? Was she pregnant?

ilovespinach Tue 17-Feb-09 17:09:47

Exactly Plum Bum um

Bellini: she was pregnant - not sure if Warren smothered her on their wedding day or if he tried to and then she disappeared. Didn't see him dispose of her bosy or anything like that (I really need to get a life!!)

PlumBumMum Tue 17-Feb-09 17:18:22

Use the excuse its on when I'm clearing up after dinner, home and away is on while eating dinner, and neighbours is on while cooking
gone off neighbours though

chipsandtart Tue 17-Feb-09 20:10:55

lousie isnt dead, she sent warren a valentines card (well one saying happy valentines day.......not)

AnathemaDevice Wed 18-Feb-09 10:26:06

It wasn't Louise who sent the valentine's card, it was Sasha, trying to 'help' Warren get over Louise by pretending it was from Louise.

OracleInaCoracle Wed 18-Feb-09 10:29:51

but where has louises body gone? why arent the police sniffing round? i love hollyoaks, but not sure about this storyline tbh.

ilovespinach Wed 18-Feb-09 11:43:38

I also think Louise is going to come back - roll on lots of wide camera angles looking at Warren from behind, him being spooked and looking back and seeing no-one there LOL Let's see how long they can drag it out for

lsa2 Wed 18-Feb-09 19:30:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clarebear1 Wed 18-Feb-09 22:12:57

Oh yeh where has baby Max gone!?? only just realised

babyignoramus Thu 19-Feb-09 10:09:06

Tragically, I know the answer...... I missed it but my sister told me Mandy and Tony took him away with Ella. Not sure if they've left permanently though.

OracleInaCoracle Thu 19-Feb-09 10:10:48

well tony is still on the opening credits.

babyignoramus Thu 19-Feb-09 10:15:58

Yeah but they don't always update them straight away.

God I'm sad.

Ledodgy Thu 19-Feb-09 10:22:01

I don't think Mandy and Tony took baby Max away did they? Why would they?

OracleInaCoracle Thu 19-Feb-09 10:43:26

but mandy's not on the opening credits. and tony is the longest serving member, surely it would have been publicised if he was leaving <stalker>

pingping Thu 19-Feb-09 13:17:33

Baby Max is still there.

Tony is supposed to be coming back soon.

Sasha sent the card.

Louise thing needs to come out as well as the nige storyline.

Hollyoaks has been a bit nuts recently.

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