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Awww poor baby cries on This morning after his Mum gets a makover! : (

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wintera Wed 11-Feb-09 20:43:39

My Mum told me about this before. Poor baby didn't recognise his Mummy! : ( n-tears.html

shonaspurtle Wed 11-Feb-09 20:48:15

Poor wee thing! I like her new hair though.

Apparently I howled and shouted "I want my daddy back" when my dad shaved his beard off when I was about 2.

HateSponge Wed 11-Feb-09 20:51:55

Her hair was a vast improvement. Poor confused baby though.

When I was very little I used to cry whenever my dad took his glasses off (they were quite big glasses, & he looked v different without them!)

bluebump Wed 11-Feb-09 20:53:48

My sister cried and refused to come in the house when my dad shaved his beard off, she didn't think it was him!

Heated Wed 11-Feb-09 20:54:10

It was so sad But I am very hormonal today!

LadyOfWaffle Wed 11-Feb-09 21:02:48

I liked her hair before!

Poor wee man though

LaTrucha Wed 11-Feb-09 21:05:06

My daughter used to do that when I put a hat on! Poor little mite.

Good change though.

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