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Strictly Dance Fever...I can't believe I am hooked!

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MamanFlo Sat 09-Apr-05 19:00:49

is there anyone else???

maria1966 Sun 10-Apr-05 14:14:54

Hi,Mamanflo,I love this also,makes you want to get up and dance.I had always wanted to take dance lessons but dh has 2 left feet.
Looks like we are the only 2 on mumsnet!!!!
Maybe we are just brave enough to admit it!!!!

MamanFlo Sun 10-Apr-05 19:21:34

Yes !!! I thought that I was alone in this world... DH surely looks at me like I am a mad woman (especially when after it I would put on an Ingmar Bergman DVD to continue the evening !)...I am taller (and heavier actually !) than DH so I doubt we could really dance together...but I so wish we could...especially the tango !
I really like Graham Norton also (I've been in the UK for 2 years only so I didn't know him well before), he is really funny !
But really these last 3 shows, with the homemade outfits...brilliant !

Even if we are two, it's enough to talk, youpi !


maria1966 Sun 10-Apr-05 20:19:57

Hi Flo,Where are you from?
I liked the first couple that got through in the swing section.They areso exciting to watch.My dh went into the kitchen to listen to the radio when it was on but my ds who is nearly 4 loved it ,he was dancing away.
How old is your child/children?

Pinotmum Sun 10-Apr-05 20:23:44

I watched it last night and was hooked - I loved Gemma and Cem

expatinscotland Sun 10-Apr-05 20:36:51

I am! I studied ballet for 12 years. I can't stand the male judge! WTF? He always choses couples who can't dance! He's deffo going for the Pop Idol/video backup dancer wannabes. I want to throw tomatoes at him e/time.

juicychops Sun 10-Apr-05 20:48:47

The couple last night who danced to Destiny's child.. the half cast bloke with braids and the chatty girl who were both dressed in white.... they were fantastic!! i wish i could dance. not fair. im not good at anything like that

expatinscotland Sun 10-Apr-05 21:02:46

I thought Gemma and Cen were rubbish. Sloppy, simplistic foot work. Looked like an aerobics class at a gym. They were better than the other couple, granted, but I thought the show was supposed to be about real dancers, not backup video 'dancers'. I mean, c'mon, that other couple - she was a 'Britney Spears tribute artist'? Say what? To use the word 'artist' and Britney's name in the same sentence is offensive.

juicychops Sun 10-Apr-05 21:25:41

i love that kind of dancing that they done. i think it looks great

Pinotmum Sun 10-Apr-05 21:26:42

I wish I could dance as rubbish as them then

expatinscotland Sun 10-Apr-05 21:30:40

With very little practice, you can! There's n/thing to their routine. The jive and swing dancers are all doing far more complex routines - watch their feet flying around.

expatinscotland Sun 10-Apr-05 21:31:17

Btw, who got voted out last night, we hired a film and missed it.

juicychops Sun 10-Apr-05 21:52:59

i dont know all their names but that gemma and cen won their category

MamanFlo Sun 10-Apr-05 22:03:52

Maria : I am french, and there these show haven't hit yet...but watch out ! and kids ...just wait a few days (hours ???) and I will be the proud mum of a little girl !

and yeah, the swing/jive couples are fantastic and so much into it ! the disco/ freestyle were very tacky and not interesting. On the other hand I don't understand why the rumba couple from last week hasn't been asked for the wild card (tenth couple to enter the house) .

My name is Florence and I am a telly addict (especially reality TV series from corporate world to dance class )

expatinscotland Sun 10-Apr-05 22:05:35

The disco and 'freestyle' categories are pants. Both remind me of 1980s fitness classes and pop star videos.

maria1966 Mon 11-Apr-05 01:11:47

Mamanflo,let is know when your dear daughter arrives.Congratulations in advance.

Ilove reality shows as well.Are you watching the apprentice?

I too like the swing dancing and can't wait to see more jiving.Is there a french jive which is a lot faster,i think they call it schroc.Apoligies for my bad spelling.

tiktok Mon 11-Apr-05 19:22:11

Maria, the UK version of French jive is Ceroc - Ceroc is actually a brand name, but it is basically the same as French jive, and it's also called modern jive or Le Roc or Blitz jive in this country.

I am enjoying SDF, but why are most of the costumes so tacky???

MamanFlo Mon 11-Apr-05 19:29:19

I didn't know CEROC was french actually...I tried it last summer in London and found it fantastic. Easy to learn and fun. The only problem was that we had to change partner every 3 minutes...being tall it was very awkward to dance with very short men....and I don't even mention the sweaty hands ! DH and I kept checking on each other to see which partner we ended up with (not for jealous couples !) .

expatinscotland Sat 16-Apr-05 21:08:16

Who's going tonight, do you think?

The Britney Spears couple sucked! But Natasha and Paul were worse. Man, they were dire.

WestCountryLass Sat 16-Apr-05 21:26:20

I reckon Natasha and Paul will go, they were baaaaad!

expatinscotland Sat 16-Apr-05 21:48:21

haahaaa! the britney spears couple. they were dire. my guess as to who is going to be toast next week: sadie and joseph and rebecca and adam.

tango requires a lot of experience b/c of the timing required for your feet to move correctly w/your partner's.

i studied ballet for 12 years and danced competitive ballroom for 3 years w/my grandfather - who'd competed for over 30 years at the time. tango was dead difficult even with a crackin' partner.

THERESA Sat 16-Apr-05 21:52:57

We saw down to the last four and then missed the end! Who got voted off? (I'm not good with the names so I'll need a description as well please!)

expatinscotland Sat 16-Apr-05 21:54:20

the britney spears tribute artist couple. they dance the boogy to 'big girls don't cry' and she wore a naff yellow dress.

they're gone!

THERESA Sat 16-Apr-05 21:57:18

Thanks, now I know who you mean! Went into other room to tell 6 yr old dd and she's fallen asleep! It'll keep til tomorrow. Now we have to try and lug her upstairs without waking her up!

MamanFlo Sun 17-Apr-05 00:32:33


just saw the 6 O'clock show, and I didn't think Michelle and Dan would go so soon...but I guess their choice of song and relatively poor performance didn't help
Judges were harsh on Rebecca and Adam...
In any case, none of the couples really impressed next week is the tango and what else ?

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