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notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 20:48:31

ANyone watching?

southeastastra Sun 08-Feb-09 20:48:55

yes until being human is on anyway

beansprout Sun 08-Feb-09 20:50:40

Yes, but these are the boring ones!!

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 20:51:17

Yes, am waiting to switch to BBC1

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 20:54:32

God, all the female 'stars' are SO THIN


beansprout Sun 08-Feb-09 20:59:03

Brangelina must be expecting to win, surely? Why else would they turn up? Or are they just big Wossy fans?

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 21:03:26

I guess they've both been nominated for best actor/actress

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 21:04:22

Aww... Slumdog


lottiejenkins Sun 08-Feb-09 21:15:57

Goldie Hawn for farks sake GET A HAIRCUT!!! angry hmm

lottiejenkins Sun 08-Feb-09 21:18:39

Im sad but very glad that Heath got the BAFTA!! sad

lottiejenkins Sun 08-Feb-09 21:26:56

I wonder how many millions of Doctor Who fans voted for Noel Clarke..........hmm

kiltycoldbum Sun 08-Feb-09 21:28:15

was he in auf weidersehn pet, you know when they did it recently?

lottiejenkins Sun 08-Feb-09 21:36:05


kiltycoldbum Sun 08-Feb-09 21:39:42

thought i recognised him, used to see him swanning up portobello a lot in the summer.

lottiejenkins Sun 08-Feb-09 21:40:38

Wow the comeback king has got the best actor..............nice speech from KW too.........

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 21:41:10

Mickey Rourke

YAY grin

IamLeticiaDean Sun 08-Feb-09 21:41:57

Take your gigs off Mickey!

lottiejenkins Sun 08-Feb-09 21:44:10

Here we go all the swearing..........I cant stand Mick Jagger....yuck yuck yuck.......

megcleary Sun 08-Feb-09 21:44:48

who wrote mick jaggers intro very funny IMO

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 21:46:05

OMG I think I fancy Mickey Rourke

wheresthehamster Sun 08-Feb-09 21:47:25

Mick Jagger looks better than he did in the 60s. Has he had work done?

His speech was embarrassing.

jenk1 Sun 08-Feb-09 21:49:37

phwoar mickey rourke in 9.5 weeks, now he was gorgeous in that,hes still got "something" now!!! im glad he won

wheresthehamster Sun 08-Feb-09 21:50:05

How far away is that autocue? First Goldie Hawn couldn't read it and now he's having trouble

notnowbernard Sun 08-Feb-09 21:50:29

I like d his speech as well (MR)

weebump Sun 08-Feb-09 21:50:39

Votes on best dressed female star: Penelope Cruz

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