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Nagapie Sat 07-Feb-09 19:18:30

Does anyone know when the new/2nd series begins?

scampadoodle Sat 07-Feb-09 19:19:11

Sunday 15th. Don't know what time.

Nagapie Sat 07-Feb-09 19:21:19


Blondeshavemorefun Sun 08-Feb-09 12:44:15

fab its back on

really enjoyed series 1

think i read somewhere its on at 10pm

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 08-Feb-09 18:55:15

damages is on at 10.20pm sundays bbc1

Nagapie Sun 08-Feb-09 19:16:23

Thanks! I will have to Sky+ it ...

ClaraDeLaNoche Tue 17-Feb-09 22:10:17


Well any comments then? Doesn't Glen look 10 yrs younger in a slightly tight faced way. Also they have glammed Ellen up which is just as well and balances out her grumpy face. Yes I know she is grieving but a smile doesn't hurt anyone.

SuperMario Tue 17-Feb-09 22:12:38

is whatserface ELlen still a shit actor?
we haev it saved on sky lpus

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