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How do I connect new TV to old video?

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merrygoround Fri 08-Apr-05 21:52:10

Am going a bit mad after trying to make sense of instruction manual for new TV that arrived yesterday. It has 2 SCART (whatever they are) sockets, and an arial socket. The two SCARTs are not labelled, but from the book it is possible that they are different. (Not clear).

What I want to know is when I connect it to our existing VCR -
1. where does the arial go? ie in back of TV or back of video?
2. As well as SCART leads do I also need to use the RF connecting lead (ie the old one)? Or does the SCART lead replace these?
3. Which of the two SCART sockets on the back of the TV should the one from the VCR go into? This seems really important.

The way I have it set up I can get all the normal channels, and can also get the video to play, but when I go to channel 8 I get fuzziness - until I press the mode button on the TV remote to display EXT 1 (or is it 2? I've forgotten again). Is this just a fact of life? ie that I have to change "mode" to go between TV and video?

I doubt anyone can help me, but thought it might be worth a try. The TV is a Phillips by the way. Dp is useless with technology despite being an engineer by trade. He can fix any number of domestic appliances (washing machines, cookers, any plumbing disasters etc) but seems incapable of things like this.

hunkermunker Fri 08-Apr-05 21:56:45

Aerial lead from roof goes in the back of the video.

The RF lead goes from the video to the TV's aerial socket.

Doesn't matter re SCART leads - put it in AV1 for preference.

DH told me all this Guess who wires TVs in our house?!

jangly Fri 08-Apr-05 21:59:43

Hello jangly's son here

Ariel lead goes into back of video, then use the old RF lead to go from the video to the ariel input on the TV. The TV should have some kind of Auto Tune or Auto Setup to tune into the available TV channels.

Then use the Scart lead to go from the video to the TV. Turn to EXT1 (or maybe EXT2 if you've put it in the other socket), and use that to watch videos (the picture should be noticeably better watching via the Scart lead).

Shazzler Fri 08-Apr-05 22:06:25

Always use Scart leads/sockets
RF is so poor in comparison
RF both the audio and video come down the same wire. Scart is different. Video, left audio right audio etc all have wires of their own.

The best way to do it is.
Plug aerial into video.
Then video into TV with scart lead.

Then tune tv channel 8 so that it picks up video.
And then tune video into all the tv channels.
Then also tune normal channels 1 to 5 so you can watch tv without your video.

Then use EXT 1 or 2 all the time.
You basically watch TV throught the video.
Better quality.

Then when video plays it also uses scart.

This setup will also let you watch tv while videoing something else.


merrygoround Sat 09-Apr-05 13:41:04

Thanks to you all for posting. I can honestly say that I am as clear as mud, however at least the TV and video both work, and all I have to do is switch between ext 1 and ext2. Jangly's son, can you explain why I should use RF and SCART leads? I thought SCART replaces RF? I've done what you said, and it works, but wish I understood it more.

The next trauma is getting our freeview box connected. Our rooftop arial turns out not to be up to the job of giving us digital channels. I'm told that it is an analogue arial - what on earth the difference is I've no idea. Short of getting a new rooftop arial (not really an option as it is a block and the council provide it) we will have to buy one and drill a hole in the wall so it can go on the outside wall. (We don't have satellite already). Or we'll have to have it indoors.

That sounds just about manageable - but where will the arial go then? Still in the video? Or in the freeview box? And will I still need RF leads? All suggestions gratefully received.

Shazzler Sat 09-Apr-05 16:05:35

Shazzlers DH here....

You can mix and match scart with RF.
Scart replaces RF, but has used sometimes.
Eg when you want to record something on video and watch something else on tv.

Ok, so now you want digibox too.
Piece of cake to wire that up.
An analogue aerial MAY be suitable, but if not you do get small internal aerials. Sky requires astellite and must bemounted outside because they need direct line of sight to the satellite. Digibox is digital tv transmitted through normal TV mast on the ground. So no dish needed.

So arial to digibox.
Then digibbox to tv using scart
PLUS digibox to video via scart it possible. This is so you can record digital tv.
Then from video out to TV so you can watch pr-rcorded videos or recorded digital TV.

You can still get analogu tv Channels 1 to 5 by conncting Old aerial into RF of TV and tuning in.

That way you can watch terrestrial TV while recordin Digital.

Just wait till you want DVD too.
Plus an XBox.

You can buy a scart converter which basically gives you mor scart sockets. Some are push button style and are £10, others have remotes (more!) and cost £40.

If you want I can draw a picture.....

merrygoround Sat 09-Apr-05 19:20:16

Shazzler's DH thanks! I almost feel like I can handle it now. I had not dared to mention the DVD issue -rather assumed I would have to be round the back of all the units and removing SCART leads from video and transferring to DVD depending on what was needed. Alternatively v tempted to save up for a combined VCR / DVD unit instead.

If you need any info on connecting cookers, or plumbing, feel free to ask!!

Shazzler Sun 10-Apr-05 17:41:20


I do have a funny problem with eletrics.
I know it fairly well, but have a weird problem... Anyone know how to test for earth leakage?

Or those stupid ultra sensitive trip things in the fuse box? Not the fuses the other thing with the handle thing.

Plus I am planning on doing gas CH. If he's free then I could do with some bolier advice....

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