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Anna Friel on Jonathan Ross

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ClaireDeLoon Fri 06-Feb-09 23:07:16

Looks funny - why? We can't decide if she is just too thin or has funny lips now.

SlartyBartFast Fri 06-Feb-09 23:07:46

i only know her from brookside and that lesbian kiss.

SlartyBartFast Fri 06-Feb-09 23:07:59

what else has she done?

Twims Fri 06-Feb-09 23:08:42

Yes she loos v dif - has she had her nose done?

LoveMyLapTop Fri 06-Feb-09 23:08:46

LOL started teh same thread.
Too much botox

becklespeckle Fri 06-Feb-09 23:09:15

too skinny in the face methinks

She's in the fabulous Pushing Daisies SlartyBartFast!

ClaireDeLoon Fri 06-Feb-09 23:09:17

She did a load of stage stuff I think but errr I can't think of other tv/film stuff off the top of my head

Wonderstuff Fri 06-Feb-09 23:09:44

She looks gaunt to me, too skinny in her face

SlartyBartFast Fri 06-Feb-09 23:09:56

oh, thanks,
anotehr one i missed.

<<damm pesty kids>>

ClaireDeLoon Fri 06-Feb-09 23:10:20

She was always ever so pretty

Wonderstuff Fri 06-Feb-09 23:10:37

I was thinking her cheeks done maybe??

SlartyBartFast Fri 06-Feb-09 23:11:17

but what's all this stuff about her diet??


brimfull Fri 06-Feb-09 23:11:32

I think she looks the same

still gorgeous envy

tiredsville Fri 06-Feb-09 23:12:05

AIBU do wish Rossie could be his usual filthy self instead of having to bite his tongue.

Ronaldinhio Fri 06-Feb-09 23:12:18

I think she's just LA thin and older

TheCrackFox Fri 06-Feb-09 23:12:27

Botox - her forehead seems frozen. She is fucking dull though, eh?

brimfull Fri 06-Feb-09 23:12:35

don't tell me she's ancient and looks 24

tiredsville Fri 06-Feb-09 23:13:13

What was in the drink?

mrsruffallo Fri 06-Feb-09 23:13:15

Sod her I am waiting for Benicio

ClaireDeLoon Fri 06-Feb-09 23:13:33

no ggirl she actually looks older than she is both DP and I thought the same

MintChocAddict Fri 06-Feb-09 23:13:52

I KNEW there would be a thread on this! grin
She does look really different. Can't decide whether it's her nose or her lips, but there's definitely something.

brimfull Fri 06-Feb-09 23:14:28

she looks in her 20's to me

how old is she?

tiredsville Fri 06-Feb-09 23:14:35

I don't think her body looks to thin to be honest.

cornsilk Fri 06-Feb-09 23:15:38

Is she 30ish?

dragonbutter Fri 06-Feb-09 23:15:55

she looks byooooootiful.

maybe her teeth have been done.
she definitely looks younger.

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