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I think I've figured out why Justin Fletcher freaks me out - am I alone?

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bohemianbint Fri 06-Feb-09 20:42:15

Asides from the incessant cheerfulness - (it's not right) I think, it's because he looks like a giant manbaby. Grown men who look like babies are IMO a bit scary.

Is it terrible to be freaked out by someone who is clearly a Very Good Person?

adamadamum Thu 16-Sep-10 01:28:00

I mean etc! It's late...

adamadamum Thu 16-Sep-10 01:27:22

fartmeistergeneral I guess you don't have a disabled child then?

An awful lot of parents of disabled children have actually learnt Makaton, the signing Justin uses, from watching "Something Special". Thus enabling communication with their child in a way that would be extremely difficult otherwise. I am one of those parents. My daughter only uttered her first word when she was 4 1/2!

Waiting lists for Makaton classes can be long, and often at difficult times of the day, I was told about "Something Special" by a professional person connected to my daughter's development team. I don't fancy Justin in the least, but I am extremely grateful for his work on CBeebies, and the work he does for disabled children.

I am very glad to say I signed that petition!

I hope one day that Justin will do a spoof of "Something Special"... can you imagine it? "Look! Norks. You sign norks" ect! And Mr Fumble!

DebbieLynch Fri 03-Sep-10 14:41:53

Message deleted

fartmeistergeneral Thu 02-Sep-10 15:38:00

"3575 people signed a petition calling on the ex Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to give Justin an OBE.
The petition states: “Justin Fletcher is a communication genius. He both entertains and educates our children and does this with intelligence and panache without patronising. Programmes like Something Special can only help bridge the gap that sometimes sadly appears between able and not so able bodied people in our society and help banish the unkindness that disabled people sometimes face due to ignorance.”
The public were asked to vote on the Prime Minister's website, and the petition deadline passed on September 30, 2007.
He was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2008 Birthday Honours for services to "children's broadcasting and the voluntary sector".


fartmeistergeneral Thu 02-Sep-10 15:36:39

Snorting at the link to PC Plum's dispute with his neighbours - that the neighbours complained that the Plumster and partner's tumble dryer was too loud! Lol!

Miles Jupp (Archie) is actually reasonably normal in real life. Has anyone googled to find out about Justin's real life? <off to do just that>

DebbieLynch Thu 02-Sep-10 14:18:04

Message deleted

Portofino Thu 02-Sep-10 11:55:20

You surely have too much time on your hands grin

DebbieLynch Thu 02-Sep-10 09:54:34

Message deleted

Portofino Thu 02-Sep-10 09:28:11

I'm still trying NOT to imagine Justin's "cum-face"!!! Like this maybe shock

DebbieLynch Thu 02-Sep-10 08:58:47

Message deleted

hobbgoblin Thu 27-Aug-09 00:29:47

colditz Thu 27-Aug-09 00:09:14

Ohhhh Captain DJ

Jugglers Thu 27-Aug-09 00:08:25

the were supposed to cross through the rabbit comment. like this or not!?

Jugglers Thu 27-Aug-09 00:02:13

Well...there you go.. someone had to go and reignite this thread, just when I'd begun to get all settled down again.

I adore them and could watch some of them all day - humour rocks my boat & Justin has a fab sense of humour and could find his way in my knickers anytime, Sarah-J could muck in too, but strikes me as a tad too a-sexual for a bit of rumpy-pumpy. let alone gal-on-gal! I would probably sell most of what I own for a night with Sid - he is sex personified. Andy, Cerrie, Poi and the new bloke are nice, but not my cuppa

I know what will happen now..... picture this - and you know it will happen when there's some new mum round for a play date!

I will be quite happily switching on the tv, to be confronted with Sid and Andy, with blinkin' "Handrew"!! and "Beaver!Tron" and will do my damnedest to suppress my inner-filth-whore, whilst imagining a whole host of MNers up and down the country heaving a collective sigh whilst imagining said Sid, Andy, HANDrew and BEAVERtron action.

Or is it just me?

Off to --find my rabbit-- have a coolish shower

Hamnah Wed 26-Aug-09 13:07:07

Oh My Goodness, I googled Justin Fletcher and found this thread as well as another one lol lol

If the gorgeous Justin was to read this thread he'd be standing signing *Im Scared*
all those H***** house mummies lusting after him, ME INCLUDED......

He's such a hunny bun x

cheekytor Wed 10-Jun-09 10:20:19

Justin is strangely attractive...I'm quite disturbed by the fact I find him attractive! but hey i'm never gonna meet him so i can imagine him anyway i like

madamelapin Fri 13-Feb-09 21:41:53

Justin is fab, but where is Sarah Jane these days? Has he murdered her or did she fall down the stairs in Higgledy House?

EsmeWeatherwax Sat 07-Feb-09 20:30:40

And now I will never believe a certain person in my work who told me the Plumster was straight, again, ever. Have to say I was a bit hmmanyway. My gaydar really isn't that bad!

KayHarker Sat 07-Feb-09 20:24:03

Doesn't she just? I think I just might, you know. grin But not in the bus.

CrushWithEyeliner Sat 07-Feb-09 19:02:39

oh was it edie? She has a look in her eye that woman.....

Macdog Sat 07-Feb-09 18:56:53

'Twas Edie who was naked Wicker Man Dancer.
Suzie was in High Road forever...or maybe it just seemed like it.

...and I adore Justin grin

CrushWithEyeliner Sat 07-Feb-09 18:53:25

wasn't suzie sweet actually in the wicker man? wasn't she one of the naked dancers? where did I read that...will investigate

Justin is completely asexual surely? My SIL was at the Baftas recently when JF got awarded his. All she could say when she was introduced to him was "Mr Tumble!" blush

hairygodmother Sat 07-Feb-09 17:13:43

Ha ha the "money shot" on BCLC. Never seen it that way before, will never be able to watch it in the same way again. Not that I get to watch it much at the moment as DD hates it clearly as much as I do, hurrah, clearly developing early good taste ...

KayHarker Sat 07-Feb-09 16:32:08

Captain DJ is definitely shaggable. And I;m relieved to see my disbelief over 'straight' PC Plum was not unfounded.

But the most worrying thing this thread has produced from me so far is

"Oo yes, Brain Cant. I think I would"

DivamakesKimchi Sat 07-Feb-09 13:57:31

something special is on now, dd said" mummy justine is good person, isnt he?"hmm

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