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I think I've figured out why Justin Fletcher freaks me out - am I alone?

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bohemianbint Fri 06-Feb-09 20:42:15

Asides from the incessant cheerfulness - (it's not right) I think, it's because he looks like a giant manbaby. Grown men who look like babies are IMO a bit scary.

Is it terrible to be freaked out by someone who is clearly a Very Good Person?

SnowlightMcKenzie Fri 06-Feb-09 20:43:15

Nah, I think it's because you fancy im!

moondog Fri 06-Feb-09 20:43:42

All kid's presenters are weirdly asexual though.
he is prob. a eunuch.

dragonbutter Fri 06-Feb-09 20:43:47

he once had his baby photos on a programme. he hasn't changed.

NorbertDentressangle Fri 06-Feb-09 20:46:32

He creeps me out too -you are not alone.

I cannot believe the frequency of threads on MN about people who fancy him shock. Its not right and its not healthy.

corblimeymadam Fri 06-Feb-09 20:46:50

Message withdrawn

ohsnap Fri 06-Feb-09 20:48:21

Eeeech, he gives me the creeps too. Makes my toes curl.

bohemianbint Fri 06-Feb-09 20:49:11

WTF - people fancy him??!!

Shit, I can't get my head around that. It would be like having sex with, well...a giant baby. Eurgh. Who has done such a thing?! I can only imagine the gurning that would go on during a session with Justin...

dragonbutter Fri 06-Feb-09 20:49:22

grin belgian bun.

MissisBoot Fri 06-Feb-09 20:49:37

He does look like a manbaby - you are so right!

I can't stand him.

dragonbutter Fri 06-Feb-09 20:50:02

well he is very good with his hands shock

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Fri 06-Feb-09 20:58:13

oo-er dragonbutter

bohemianbint Fri 06-Feb-09 20:59:32

eeeeeeeeeew dragon!

I think his dress sense offends me too, excessive use of chinos. I wish I could get over it, DS bloody loves him.

whingeomatic Fri 06-Feb-09 21:07:07

lol at excessive use of chinos grin

I'm with you, bohemianbint - he gives me the creeps too...

moondog Fri 06-Feb-09 21:09:08


NorbertDentressangle Fri 06-Feb-09 21:12:38

No....don't have a go at the chinos and general attire.

The only alternative is Justin....naked shock.

Eurgh! I feel quite queasy at the thought

100yearsofsolitude Fri 06-Feb-09 21:17:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlistairSim Fri 06-Feb-09 21:17:46

I think you doth protest too much, BB.

Imagine his come-face.....

AlistairSim Fri 06-Feb-09 21:18:21




NorbertDentressangle Fri 06-Feb-09 21:33:02

Alistair, no matter how you spell it the image is equally as horrific.

retiredgoth2 Fri 06-Feb-09 21:35:45, who is Justin Fletcher?

I shall google and discover I suppose...

AlistairSim Fri 06-Feb-09 21:38:17

And is that image now deeply embedded, Norbert?

NoBiggy Fri 06-Feb-09 21:38:24

Whenever I think of cbeebies presenters having sex I feel all wrong.

Miss Hoolie has two children, meaning she's had sex at least twice. Did her hair keep its shape?

retiredgoth2 Fri 06-Feb-09 21:38:32


Now I know...

Apologies for ignorance. The youngest urchins are nearly 8, so CBeebies has long been banished from the radar... I recall, I think he was quite personable...

Not like the slightly disturbing policeman in Balamory...

NorbertDentressangle Fri 06-Feb-09 21:42:05

Alistair -I shall be sending you the bill for my therapy.

Balamory is full of freaks retiredgoth
(BTW why are you now retiredgoth2?)

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