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Do you think Question Time is already taped, or is Will Young sitting at home swotting up on current affairs as we speak?

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fartmeistergeneral Fri 06-Feb-09 15:37:30

...and cursing his agent?

...and shitting himself?

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 15:39:24

Wasn't it broadcast last night?
And Will has studied Politics at university and expressed a desire to go on himself. I doubt he'd be that worried about it.

MrsBoo Fri 06-Feb-09 15:40:11

I though he was fairly rubbish on it last night

MrsMattie Fri 06-Feb-09 15:42:20

He was pretty lame. I thought his defence of Carol Thatcher was really lame.

In other news, I saw Will Young snogging his boyfriend outside Nando's in Soho last week grin

fartmeistergeneral Fri 06-Feb-09 15:42:40

I've missed it? Shame!

I have no doubt that he's an intelligent man, just sniggering a bit at the idea. Under pressure! And I disagree, I bet he WAS anxious about it - lot to prove etc.

Like when people (even comedians) go on Have I Got News for You. Such pressure to be witty AT THAT MOMENT! *shudders thinking of Kirsty Young sitting mute*

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 15:43:45

Davina Macall was on it about a year ago. He can't have been worse than her.

MrsMattie Fri 06-Feb-09 15:44:41

lol!@lulabellarama. God, I missed that. Gutted. Did she screech a lot? i bet she is an undercover Tory.

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 15:45:07

Oh, Lauren Laverne on Mock the Week was AWFUL

fartmeistergeneral Fri 06-Feb-09 15:45:18

Davina Maccoll?? How awful?!! Can they really contribute in that environment?

I'm not saying they haven't a right to contribute, just imagining myself (and I have definite views on a lot of things) sitting like a zombie when asked any question, surrounded by old codgers.

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 15:46:31

She seemed fairly liberal but without much in the way of strong opinions. Which is the way most celebrities seem to come across.

MrsMattie Fri 06-Feb-09 15:48:27

It is bloody tough being a woman on those comedy panel shows, though. All those competitive small -willy-- funny men bantering like they're in the locker room...quite hard to get a word in, I imagine.

When did they start getting pop stars on Question Time, btw? I think I must have missed about a year's worth of the programme around the time my son was born, and when i resumed viewing we suddenly had all sorts of inane randoms spouting forth hmm

sinkingfast Fri 06-Feb-09 15:49:00

Will Self was great grin

MrsMattie Fri 06-Feb-09 15:49:03

oops! strike out didn't quite work grin

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 15:51:11

I think a year or so ago they started getting more 'lightweight' panellists on. Some of them do really know their stuff but others are obviously just there to boost the ratings. I like the idea of having guests who aren't politicians, but they need to have something to contribute. Don't know that Davina had anything worth saying.

moonmother Fri 06-Feb-09 15:59:18

It was recorded, but only earlier on in the evening, about 7ish.

It was in my town last night, and i was so angry because we forgot all about it and wanted to go and watch. Dp because he loves QT and watches every week, me because I don't mind QT , but I'm a huge fan of Will Young, have been since x-factor.

Will Young wasn't on there because he's a pop star, he studied English Politics as University, before entering X-factor, and is a huge fan of Qt.

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 16:10:23

I'm a huge fan of Wills too moonmother.
My mum, sisters and I often rewatch our old video of Pop Idol to remind ourselves of his performances blush

It's quite hard to get tickets for QT though. They ring you up and you have to think of a question you'd ask and they decide if you are clever enough.

MrsMattie Fri 06-Feb-09 16:13:56

Do they, now?@lulabellarama. Me and Dh were considering trying to get tickets for the one in south London. I'll have to think of a really clever question, then grin

Will Young isn't a dunce, but he didn't contribute much, sorry.

lulabellarama Fri 06-Feb-09 16:27:59

That was certainly what they did to my colleagues who went about 2/3 years ago. Luckily they were clever enough.

Docbunches Sat 07-Feb-09 09:47:28

I thought Will Young was crap on QT as well, and was gobsmacked when he appeared to be sticking up for Carol Thatcher shock.

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