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Boys and Girls alone (on C4 Tuesday)

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CherryChoc Fri 30-Jan-09 17:31:30

Is anyone going to watch this? It's basically 10 girls in a house and 10 boys in another with no adults (so a sort of big brother for children)

It sounds a bit grim but I just saw the trailer and the kids look happy enough - am I underestimating 8-11 year olds? I don't know any. I just know that at that age I got horribly homesick on a school trip with other children that I knew - let alone being with strangers. Seems like they're wanting it either to turn into something like lord of the flies or the kids to be really mature and surprise everyone.

PuzzleRocks Fri 30-Jan-09 18:54:52

I am intrigued, shall probably take a look.

bigTillyMint Fri 30-Jan-09 18:56:16

There was a programme like this a few years ago - is it a repeat?

We are talking Lord of the Flies, especially with the boys IIRC!

CrushWithEyeliner Fri 30-Jan-09 19:24:28

I remember this from a few years back - was fascinating. You really saw who was going to be a certain type of adult; was really tough viewing at times like when they had to cook for themselves but I couldn't turn off.

CherryChoc Fri 30-Jan-09 19:27:33

I don't think it's a repeat, the website doesn't seem to suggest it is.

bigTillyMint Fri 30-Jan-09 19:38:53

OOh, I must set the recorder for it!

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